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Water Supply In Clare Estate Is Safe For Consumption

Date: 2023-04-17 15:12:20

Water Supply In Clare Estate Is Safe For Consumption

12 APRIL 2023

The City has noted false claims that tap water in some parts of Clare Estate is contaminated and that the Municipality failed to take corrective measures. These claims are false and misleading.
The Municipality assures residents that results of tap water samples taken on 6 and 7 April in O’Flattery Road, Clare Estate were compliant with potable water standards as per the South African National Standard 241 for drinking water.
The false narrative emanates from the City’s Water and Sanitation team repairing a burst water main last month. Water pipelines were isolated during the repairs. Unfortunately, during the repairs, a TLB accidentally damaged both the water and sewer pipeline. 

Following the incident, the City took samples to assess the possibility of water being compromised.
The first batch of results indicated that the sample did not comply, and teams immediately flushed out and disinfected the line to ensure compromised water is removed out of the network and would not reach the taps of residents. More samples were taken while repairs were being undertaken and further flushing of water pipelines was done to clear the supply of any contamination.
The repairs on the damaged pipes have been completed and further tests were done to ascertain water quality. These tests have shown that water is safe to drink.
The Municipality calls on community leaders to desist from spreading unverified information and causing unnecessary panic.
Issued by eThekwini Communications Unit.