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Water Supply Disruptions in Westville Central

Date: 2023-05-17 14:09:29

Water Supply Disruptions in Westville Central

16 MAY 2023

The public is informed of water supply outages currently being experienced in Westville Central. The outages are attributed to a power failure in the area which affected the Lea Drive pumps. This in turn affected supply to the Lea Drive Reservoir, which is empty.

Power supply was restored on 16 May at 3pm and pumping to the reservoir resumed. It is anticipated that restoration time will take between four to six hours. Businesses and educational institutions currently affected include Westville Boys High School, Westville Girls High School, Westville Mall, and Westville Junction.

The Municipality apologises for any inconvenience caused. Water tankers will be dispatched to service affected areas while the reservoir recovers.

For more information regarding water supply, the public can call the toll-free number on 080 311 1111 or use the eThekwini Water and Sanitation WhatsApp number 073 1483 477. Alternatively, email: