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Update: Water Supply Disruption in Verulam And Surrounding Areas

Date: 2024-02-06 22:00:53

Update: Water Supply Disruption in Verulam And Surrounding Areas


Residents of Verulam and surrounding areas grappling with recurrent disruptions in water supply received a ray of hope when the City announced the commissioning of vital projects to boost the capacity of water supply in the north.

This evening, 4 February, Minister of Water and Sanitation Senzo Mchunu, along with eThekwini  Speaker Councillor Thabani Nyawose and City officials from Water and Sanitation addressed a community meeting to provide an update regarding water supply challenges.

On Monday, 5 February, the City will commission a borehole in Trenence 3. This is while work is being done on the Northern Aqueduct to increase water flow. This project is progressing well and is expected to be completed on 15 February.

In addressing the residents, Minister Mchunu assured the residents that the challenges would be attended to.
"The given date for all these challenges to be resolved is the 15th of February; no efforts will be spared in resolving these water supply challenges. Work will be carried out - day and night if we have to, in order to meet this deadline and provide people with water,” he said.

Teams are checking for leaks and blockages as well as replacing air valves with priority on the Mount View Reservoir. Once this work is completed, input volumes into the Mount View Reservoir are expected to increase. This reservoir supplies downstream dependent reservoirs, namely Trenence 1 and 3 reservoirs. 

Prior to the tensity of water interruption to the northern areas, the City had already commenced with various projects to upgrade water infrastructure to meet the growing demand in the northern areas. 

This includes the construction of a water rising main (pipeline) from Hazelmere to the Grange Reservoir. This 600mm diameter pipeline is expected to be commissioned in June and will improve water capacity in Wards 58 and 60. 

The new Northern Aqueduct augmentation is at an advanced stage. This pipeline interconnects to the existing aqueduct and is set to improve the delivery of potable water to the northern areas.  

The Northern Aqueduct augmentation pipeline will supply water from the Durban Heights Treatment Works to the Waterloo, uMhlanga, and Blackburn (Cornubia) reservoirs.

The construction of the Canelands pipeline bridge, which started last year, is in progress.
This project comprises of water and sewer pipelines and is in response to the growing community in the north particular in Wards 58 and 60.

The City is also assessing the possibility of getting water from Grange to the Mount View Reservoir as a top-up through the Hazelmere Water Works.

Other alternative water supply options such as desalination, remix, and reuse projects are being explored. 

The leadership apologised to the community and assured them that restoration of water supply remains a priority.

While short-term interventions are underway, the community was informed of lasting solution to water supply challenges. This is the construction and commissioning of the Upper Umkhomazi Dam, which will increase bulk supply capacity to the City. This project will be implemented by the National Department of Water and Sanitation through its agency, Trans-Caledon Tunnel Authority (TCTA), and Umngeni-uThukela Water. Processes have begun to get this project underway.

Residents are urged to be patient while the City fasts tracks interventions.

Issued by eThekwini Communications Unit.