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Stay at Home for Us, We Stay at Work for You

Date: 2021-10-04 13:16:39

Stay at Home for Us, We Stay at Work for You

04 APRIL 2020
Amidst the COVID-19 crisis, the Cleansing and Solid Waste Unit – DSW of the eThekwini Municipality response as an essential public service is to keep waste management uninterrupted, safe and focused on public health protection. Waste collection and safe disposal are paramount for a good quality of life to all and therefore to achieve this, communities are urged to take the president’s call for a national lockdown serious by staying at home.
Recent media coverage across communities in eThekwini has shown people leaving their homes and dumping refuse outside waste sites and this has to stop. It is regarded “unlawful” during the lockdown to leave home for this practice. It is placing additional challenges during the coronavirus crisis as DSW workers are left vulnerable by being physically exposed to the various health risks including infections in these clean ups.DSW is working hard behind the scene to ensure that waste workers are safe and precautionary measures are in place to mitigate transmission or infections to its workers. This is a period of solidarity as well as social responsibility and it is during this time every citizen has to realise the importance of waste management. It is time to take the lockdown serious as difficult as it may be in order to emerge stronger as a society.
Therefore, DSW will strive to ensure that the level of public health protection will be kept and waste management services will not collapse during the Coronavirus crisis. Residents are to take note that collection of refuse will be as per normal scheduled collection days and should there be a concern then the DSW customer line can be reached. Remember DSW stays at work for you… You stay at home for us – communities are reminded to stay safe and exercise caution during the lockdown. DSW expresses its gratitude to the residents of eThekwini for their commitment as this is saluted with a big thank you.
 Issued by the eThekwini Municipality’s Deputy Head of Communications, Mandla Nsele.