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Metro Police Out in Full Force to Ensure Lockdown is Adhered to

Date: 2021-10-04 13:13:06

Metro Police Out in Full Force to Ensure Lockdown is Adhered to

08 April 2020  The City’s Metro Police Unit have urged the community to abide by the national lockdown regulations as those caught will be prosecuted. The Municipality has undertaken a zero-tolerance approach and will not hesitate to charge non-complaint members of the public.
President Cyril Ramaphosa imposed the lockdown to curb the spread of the Coronavirus, declared as a global disaster. The national lockdown regulation falls under the Disaster Management Act 57/2002. All citizens are instructed to stay within the confines of their homes unless it is to access essential services like purchasing groceries or acquiring medical services. All gatherings are strictly prohibited. Officers have been deployed to all areas of the City and numerous people were arrested as a result of leaving their homes for non-essential reasons. 
 A video depicting a dispute between Metro Police officers and members of the Newlands community has since gone viral on social media. Head of Metro Police, Steve Middleton, responded: “We would like to clarify that the police officers were in pursuit of two suspects in a vehicle in the Pinetown area. The car was being operated in a reckless manner and had no licence. Their chase led them to the Newlands area where the perpetrators had mobilised community members to attack the officers present.”
 Charges were brought against three individuals, including Assault, Malicious Damage to Property and Contravening of the Disaster Management Act 57/2002. The driver was charged with Inconsiderate driving, failing to stop when instructed to do so and Contravening the Disaster Management Act 57/2002.
 Middleton said: “This is unacceptable behaviour. Everyone needs to abide by the lockdown. Situations like these make the work of essential service employees more difficult and exposes both officers and members of the community to potential risks.” Middleton also urged people to stop spreading false messages on social media.
 Issued by eThekwini Municipality. Media Enquiries contact Msawakhe Mayisela 0609664220