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Interruption Of Water Supply in Westville And Berea West

Date: 2023-05-17 13:22:27

Interruption Of Water Supply in Westville And Berea West

8 MAY 2023
Residents and businesses are informed of a water supply outage currently being experienced in parts of Westville and Berea West.
The interruption of water supply is caused by a damaged 375mm diameter isolating valve at the Palmiet River crossing, which supplies water to the Salisbury Reservoir. Repairs are currently underway. 

However, the reservoir is empty which is resulting in the water outages in Westville Central towards Westville East, including Berea West.
Water tankers will be dispatched to service affected areas while technical teams are attending to repairs.

The Municipality apologises for the inconvenience caused. 

For more information regarding water supply, the public can call the toll-free number on 080 311 1111 or WhatsApp 073 1483 477. Alternatively, email:

 Issued by eThekwini Municipality.