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Inspectors Shutdown Food Businesses Disregarding Environmental Protocols

Date: 2021-10-04 04:14:34

Inspectors Shutdown Food Businesses Disregarding Environmental Protocols

20 October 2020



Inspectors Shutdown Food Businesses Disregarding Environmental Protocols

A multi-disciplinary operation that was led by the City’s Environmental Health Department has paid dividends as several businesses were shut down while some were fined for flouting regulations and by-laws in Pinetown. 

This operation focused largely on non-complying food outlets. It was carried out by departments of Home Affairs (emigration), Labour, Fire& Emergency services, eThekwini Business license, building inspectorate and KZN Department of Economic Development Tourism and Environmental Affairs and law enforcement.

During the course of the inspection, an eatery on Stanfield Road was shutdown with immediate effect for selling shawarma under unhygienic conditions. Among other things it was selling rotten meat and several other transgressions including a lack of trading license. 

The Manager for Environmental Health Nono Lugongolo responsible for Inner West District said that the owner had previously been issued with fines and offered training on compliance education as part of empowering businesses with knowledge.

“Our operation was a huge success as we able to issues fines and some received notice of closure due to non-compliance for not meeting health standards and not having work permit, while others had expired documentation. We will continue to crack down on none-complying eateries as they pose health risk to patrons,” said Lugongolo.

The operation focused on enforcing non- complying food premises in Hill Street, Stanfield Road and Dales Avenue, Pinetown CBD.

The city is urging all businesses to fully comply with laws governing the handling of food. Those found to be inconsistent with these laws would face the full might of the law. More unannounced inspections are on the cards to rid the city of unscrupulous businesses short- changing their customers.

For media enquires contact eThekwini Municipality Spokesperson Msawakhe Mayisela 060 966 4220.


Issued by the eThekwini Municipality Acting Head of Communications Mandla Nsele