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Independent scientists once again confirm that city’s tap water is safe for drinking

Date: 2023-09-07 09:41:52

Independent scientists once again confirm that city’s tap water is safe for drinking

Independent scientists continue to laud eThekwini Municipality for its safe potable water. This after the latest water quality tests results were shared by the Water and Wastewater Technology (IWWT) at the Durban University of Technology showing that the City's water remains safe to drink.

This comes hot on the heels of a New24 and Netwerk24 independent investigation which also confirmed that City’s water quality is safe to drink.

EThekwini Mayor Councillor Mxolisi Kaunda said the City is encouraged by the positive water quality results from independent institutions.

“Our drinking water is regularly monitored at our laboratory and tested by experts to ensure its safety. This is done in line with the internationally accepted water quality standards. This year, our laboratory underwent a re-assessment process conducted by the South African National Accreditation (SANAS) which resulted in the lab continuing with its accreditation for another five years,” said Mayor Kaunda.

The IWWT sampled and tested water from 17 areas within eThekwini Municipality. The water samples were collected on 30 August 2023 in the northern, southern, and western parts of Durban. Results indicated that no E.coli was present in any of the samples tested.

The City assures residents that the water supplied complies with the requirements of SANS 241 for drinking water quality. The SANS 241 Drinking Water Specification states the minimum requirements for potable water to be considered safe for human consumption.

The City’s potable water continues to be sampled regularly for quality testing by eThekwini’s dedicated team of scientists at an accredited inhouse state-of the-art laboratory. Furthermore, the City assures residents that the water delivered by water tankers is from reservoirs that are tested at the City’s lab.

The public is encouraged to always use trusted water sources and to practice good hand hygiene to prevent water-borne diseases.


Issued by eThekwini Municipality’s Communications Unit.