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Executive _Committee Meeting_

Date: 2021-10-04 06:26:05

Executive _Committee Meeting_

25 August 2020
Executive Committee Meeting
Mayoral Opening Remarks
EThekwini Mayor, Councillor Mxolisi Kaunda, expressed his sadness at the tragedy of the iconic Grey Street Mosque which caught fire yesterday. The cause of the fire, yet to be established, was reported to have started in an adjoining residential flat which affected seven other flats. No fatalities were reported.
In his address to the Executive Committee on 25 August, Kaunda reaffirmed his commitment to reverse the scourge of women and children abuse. “As we draw closer to the end of Women’s Month, we are fully aware of the massive task ahead of us. We also understand that failure is not an option in this battle,” he said.
Applauding the president’s announcement to move the country to alert level 2 of the lockdown, the Mayor said, “We understand that level 2 means more responsibility to us as individuals, in playing our part in minimising the spread of this global pandemic.”
“As we head towards Spring and ultimately summer, we enter our peak tourist season and we must be able to revitalize the tourism and hospitality sectors. We must be prepared to welcome visitors to our shores and indulge in the many activities eThekwini has to offer. Our plans must be comprehensive and adhere to all the health protocols to protect our visitors and those in the frontline,” said Kaunda.
Mayor Kaunda explained that the further easing of economic activities was important because it will ensure that people who might have lost their income during the stricter levels of lockdown, will now have an opportunity to earn a living.
He urged communities to remain vigilant as Level 2 lockdown comes with an increased risk in transmission of the virus and to prevent going back into initial lockdown regulations, a concerted and cautious effort is required.
Mayor conveyed his gratitude to Toyota South Africa for their continued effort in the fight against the pandemic. Last week, the City and the Provincial government signed an MOU with the company that pledged to donate 10 high-performance vehicles and an assortment of PPEs to assist health teams on the ground and expand the mass community-based screening, testing and contact tracing.
Reports Tabled for Noting
1. Covid_19 Expenditure:
Report tabled detailing the Covid-19 expenditure incurred during the lockdown period. The report was noted, and the details contained is in the process of a full Internal Audit and parallel Auditor General audit to determine that the procurement processes were fair, competitive and transparent.
2. Extension of MFMA (Municipal Financial Management Act) Deadlines:
Report tabled to advise the Committee that as per Government Notice 851 from National Treasury which allows municipalities and municipal entities an extension of two months for the submission of annual financial statements and tabling of annual reports for the last financial year.
3. Rule of Order 28 for Extension of ICC Three Directors:
Report noted for the request of approval of Rule of order 28 for the extension of term of membership for three directors on the Durban International Convention Centre.
Recommendations Agreed for the following reports tabled
1. Request for approval of the roadmap for the establishment of the Municipal entity to operate the Durban Transport services and participate by private individuals and / or entities in the Municipal entity. The report is tabled on the background of the report approved at council in 2018 to enhance the public transport system of the City. Priority groups as per the Radical Economic Transformation Framework and Supply Chain Management Policy (2019) will be considered. Provision is made for Black people who fall within the following categories: youth, women, disability, people living in rural or underdeveloped communities, military veterans and co-operatives which is at least 51% by black people. Mayor Kaunda clarified that the category of black people is inclusive of Africans, Indians, Coloureds and Asians.
2. Report requesting to authorise a partnership investment in the virtual destination promotion of the City campaign was agreed to be tabled at Council. This is to help stimulate the restaurant industry particularly on the Durban Golden Mile with the assistance of local influences and musicians.
3. Report to authorise the launch of the eThekwini Economic Council which will serve to provide expert and cross sectional advise to the Mayor and City leadership on economic development. Investment promotion and ensuring that there is an enabling environment for business to success.
Issued by the eThekwini Municipality’s Communications Unit. For media enquiries contact the Municipality’s Spokesperson, Msawakhe Mayisela on 060 966 4220.