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Date: 2021-10-04 05:14:06

Executive Committee_ Meeting_



22 September 2020

Executive Committee Meeting

Mayoral Opening Remarks
The Deputy Mayor, Cllr Belinda Scott chaired the Executive Committee Meeting today, 22 September on behalf of Mayor Cllr Mxolisi Kaunda. Cllr Scott opened the meeting with the penned message from the Mayor in which he expressed his welcome of the announcement by President Cyril Ramaphosa of the country’s move to alert level one of the lockdown following low levels of the Coronavirus spread and confidence in the health sector’s readiness to deal with cases.
The announcement allows the City the opportunity to open the economy further, thereby ensuring that the tourism sector is adequately prepared to welcome visitors.
With the launch of the Economic Council last week and constructive engagements and solid partnership building, the City’s leadership is positive that eThekwini will be able to chart the way forward for economic recovery and forge ahead with plans to stabilise the city and create an investor climate to keep large investors in our city.
Cllr Scott also mentioned that the Mayor will be signing a historic agreement with Main Street 57 to incentivize brickworks development in the north of Durban tomorrow, 23 September. This project will unlock billions of Rands of investment value.
The City’s preparations for Heritage Month were highlighted and will follow a campaign themed” My City My Heritage” to re-ignite Durban as we welcome both local and international visitors. This campaign aims to promote awareness to South Africans about the relationship between our heritage and iconic buildings in the city. The campaign will reiterate the message that Durban is open for business.
The following reports were tabled and supported by the Executive Committee:
1. Approval to utilise MFMA for extension of contract authority for Professional Services Contract for the design and construction Supervision of Magabheni High Level Reservoir and Ancillary Works: Ward 99.
Awarded to Naidu Consulting Engineers, by increasing the contract value in accordance with the requirements of Section 116 (3) of the MFMA, read with Section 55 of the SCM Policy;
An advert will be placed in the press giving reasonable notice to the local community and the public of the proposed amendment and inviting them to submit representations to the municipality; and subject to the adoption of the above, and upon receipt of comments from and the views of the public, the matter will be placed before the Bid Adjudication Committee and the Accounting Officer for approval of the amendment of Contract PSC 2015/007.
2. Authority to appoint Cleansing and Solid Waste Head of Department as a Waste Management Officer for the City in terms of Municipal Structures Act, 1998 {Act No.117 of 1998}. The recommendation comes as a result of the 2018/19 financial year Auditor General (AG) raised a finding that the Head of the Cleansing and Solid Waste Unit is not formally appointed as a Waste Management Officer in terms of the Municipal Structures Act.
The following Committee Report recommendations were supported:
1. Report of the Finance, Security and Emergency Services Committee;
1.1. Request to the MEC: COGTA for an extension of the validation period of the current eThekwini Valuation Roll from four (4) years to five (5) years, to expire on June 2022, in terms of Section 32(2)(b) of the Municipal Property Rates Act, No. 6 of 2004, as amended (MPRA).
2. Report of the Economic Development and Planning Committee;
2.1 A report seeking the authority to partner financially and operationally with Tourism Investment Africa 360 Program Partnership 2020/2021, as part of the eThekwini Economic Recovery Plan, that is intended to promote Durban as Africa’s premier investment destination, specifically for tourism asset development of both a retention and expansion nature, and new foreign direct investment was supported.
2.2 The request to authorise the City’s own accommodation bookings to be directed to the small business accommodation sector (bed and breakfasts, guest lodges etc) was supported. This also forms part of the eThekwini Tourism Recovery Plan which includes Tourism as a priority sector, and as part of re-starting the sector, there has been commitment to assist small businesses to get back on their feet as a mitigation strategy towards tourism businesses.
The Durban Tourism Recovery Plan, which is aligned to the eThekwini recovery Plan which outlines a set of strategic interventions to mitigate the dismal situation that tourism is currently experiencing, with COVID 19 having affected, and still affecting the SMME accommodation sector the most.
2.3 The Executive Committee supported the request for authority in terms of section 110 (2) of the Municipal Finance Management Act for the leasing of portion of land from Transnet SOC for purpose of entering into a sublease agreement with a private sector operator for the sole purpose of developing and operating a Ferris wheel with associated offerings.
The strategic objective of the project is to facilitate investment in excess of R450 million into the Point Waterfront which will both enhance the point precinct offering and complement the recently opened point promenade by developing a giant Ferris wheel in order to facilitate such an investment the office of the Economic Development and Planning Cluster together with the Real Estate Department have identified the suitable land parcel to locate the proposed Ferris Durban “Durban Eye” Wheel.
2.4 Support from the Executive Committee was granted for the redevelopment of Virginia Airport which has been identified as a catalytic project under Plan 2 of the IDP, which relates to developing a prosperous, diverse economy and employment creation. The process seeks to undertake the necessary public participation process in the alternative development scenario of the site given that the city is no longer benefitting much from the airport asset base and considering the declining rates base and investment climate in the city. It is therefore necessary to ensure the redevelopment of Virginia Airport to a high yielding public used asset and thus create economic opportunities for the city.
2.5 A report seeking authority to begin public consultation for the “New Buildings: Green Policy”, which was work-shopped with Members of the Economic Development and Planning Committee was supported. The Policy is in keeping with Plan 1 of the IDP to develop and sustain the spatial, natural and built environment, and the Spatial Development Plan. In addition, the National Development Plan has a strategic target of implementing carbon neutral standards on new buildings by 2030.
Furthermore, the application is in line with the Durban Climate Change Strategy which states that energy efficiency initiatives need to be facilitated in Durban.
3. Report of the Governance and Human Resources Committee;
3.1 A report tabled to the Executive Committee for authority to enter into partnership agreement with private sector and other willing parties for implementation of the Artisan Development Programme was supported. The main objective is to address skills shortage since the Unit had identified Artisan development as an area for possible improvement in fields such as Mechanic Air-conditioning & Refrigeration, Boiler making, Welding, Motor Mechanic, Fitting & Turning, Electrical, Plumbing, Bricklaying and Carpentry.
Issued by the eThekwini Municipality’s Communications Unit. For media enquiries contact the Municipality’s Spokesperson, Msawakhe Mayisela on 060 966 4220.