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EThekwini Municipality Lauds Approval Of National Climate Change Adaptation Strategy

Date: 2021-10-04 06:23:35

EThekwini Municipality Lauds Approval Of National Climate Change Adaptation Strategy

30 AUGUST 2020
EThekwini Municipality Lauds Approval Of National Climate Change Adaptation Strategy
EThekwini Municipality welcomes the decision made by the Cabinet to approve the National Climate Change Adaptation Strategy; which is in line with the commitments of achieving the Paris Agreement. This, said eThekwini Mayor Mxolisi Kaunda will assist with accelerating the country’s response to the threats posed by climate change, and promote a climate resilient economy, a sentiment echoed by President Cyril Ramaphosa when announcing the Cabinet’s decision. Adaptation to climate change is imperative for economies of the global south, who are acknowledged to have heightened vulnerability. The adoption of appropriate responses and policies provides the opportunity for our country to continue driving its economic development agenda, in the face of uncertain change, while paving the way for the creation of strong institutions that will deliver and strengthen social pillars and build climate resilient societies.
EThekwini Municipality has a long history in climate change adaptation planning and advocacy. Its efforts date back as early as 2004, with the development of the Municipal Climate Change Programme. This played a pivotal role in the City’s international recognition as a climate change leader. The Municipality has progressed its climate change adaptation agenda through recognising the natural environment as a cornerstone in climate response. In 2010 the City commissioned the Buffelsdraai Landfill Community Reforestation project, as an offset to the carbon emissions associated with the hosting of the FIFA World Cup 2010. This community-based program has created jobs and green entrepreneurs. The City further demonstrated its leadership in 2011, by becoming the first city in the African continent to host the United Nation Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), 17th Conference of the Parties (COP 17). It was during this sitting, that the Durban rallied with cities from around the world, to establish the Durban Adaptation Charter (DAC), which recognised the role that cities and local governments have in driving and delivering on national commitments at a local level.
Through the DAC, the Municipality has leveraged further opportunities for improved collective and coordinated climate response at a regional level, with the establishment of the Central KwaZulu–Natal Climate Change Compact, consisting of local municipalities working together in addressing climate risks.
“EThekwini Municipality has continued to be at the cutting edge of climate change action, assisted by its progressive leadership and engagement within strategic partnerships at local, national and international levels. Hence the City, through its partnership with C40 Leadership Group (C40), has become the first city in the African continent to develop and adopt a Climate Action Plan, responsive to the objectives outlined within the United Nations 2015 Paris Agreement”, said Mayor Kaunda who is also the C40 Vice-Chair for the African Region. The launch of this momentous plan will take place on the 3rd of September 2020, in the presence of provincial leadership.
Furthermore, the City through this partnership has secured numerous other opportunities for transformative planning. Most notable is the support from the C40 Cities Finance Facility (CFF), currently assisting the city in developing a business case for a Transformative Riverine Management Programme (TRMP). The programme will deliver a comprehensive river management model to help minimise the risk of urban flooding, which the city, in recent years, witnessed its destructive potential and threat to local communities. As a result, the Municipality views project such as these as strategic leverage programmes for sustainability, also well aligned to the National Climate Change Adaptation Strategy.
EThekwini Municipality prides itself as an innovative city in climate change adaptation, as well as in its ability to demonstrate actions required to drive change. The approval of the National Climate Change Adaptation Strategy provides the relevant strong national support for the City’s work to date, and will help to propel further our ambition into the future. As we strive for a prosperous city that is both caring and liveable.
Issued by the Mayor’s Office. For more information, kindly contact Mayoral Spokesperson Mluleki Mntungwa on 0609741140.