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City Provides Interim Solutions To Osindisweni Water Challenges

Date: 2023-05-17 12:22:20

City Provides Interim Solutions To Osindisweni Water Challenges

21 APRIL 2023
In addressing the water challenges in Osindisweni, a pump at Ogunjini 1 Pumpstation will be recommissioned next week. The intention is for the pump to be able to pump water to all four reservoirs in the area.
This was one of the solutions presented to the community of Osindisweni, ward 59, when eThekwini Speaker Councillor Thabani Nyawose addressed a community meeting today, 21 April, providing an update on the City’s interventions to end the water shortage in area.
Councillor Nyawose was joined by officials from eThekwini Water and Sanitation (EWS) Unit.
The water shortage is due to the Ogunjini Water Works’ inability to sufficiently meet the demand from the area.
Upgrades to increase the water works’ capacity to 2 Ml/d are underway and completion is expected in October.
In the interim, the City is attending to the mechanical and electrical challenges affecting the water works to produce water to its current full capacity of 0,9 kilolitres a day.
To augment water supply, the City will increase the number of water tankers in the area. A team of plumbers has also been dispatched to attend to leaks in the area.
Councillor Nyawose and EWS Head Ednick Msweli apologised to residents about the plight they are facing and assured the community that the City is working with speed to resolve the challenges.
Ahead of the community meeting, officials conducted a site visit alongside some community members to the Ogunjini Water Works and the pumpstation. During the site inspections, they explained to community members how the water infrastructure operates and the cause of the current challenges plaguing the infrastructure.
The City will continue to monitor the performance of the contractor doing upgrades of the water works to ensure that the deadline for completion is met.
The City apologises for the inconvenience and appeals for patience while efforts to resolve the current challenges are being made.
For more information regarding water supply, the public can contact the toll-free number ‪080 311 1111 or use the eThekwini Water and Sanitation WhatsApp number ‪073 1483 477. Alternatively, email:
Issued by the eThekwini Municipality’s Communications Unit.