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City Prioritises Restoration of Water Supply in The North

Date: 2024-01-25 11:27:13

City Prioritises Restoration of Water Supply in The North

25 JANUARY 2024

The Municipality reassures residents from Verulam, oThongathi, Phoenix and other areas in the north that are experiencing prolonged water outages, that it is treating the matter with the outmost priority.

Various interventions have already commenced to address the situation. This includes checking possible leaks and blockages on the trunk main, which is 32 kilometers long.

As a result of the tests being undertaken on the trunk main today, most inlets and outlets are closed for all reservoirs in the north.

We urge residents to be patient as we conduct these tests on a complex and sensitive trunkmain network. We are mindful not to interrupt water supply unnecessary, however these tests are required to ensure potable water supply is restored equitable to all areas affected by the northern aqueduct.

The Municipality will continue to deploy water tankers to affected areas as interim relief.