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Land Surveying Branch

Land Surveying Branch

Land Information & Records

Land Information & Records

Map Production

Map Production

Cadastral & Survey Administration

Cadastral & Survey Administration

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Purpose Statement

The Surveying and Land Information Department is committed to the provision of an effective cadastral, engineering and sectional title surveying service, together with the capture, maintenance and dissemination of land legal, land technical and land acquisition information and advice, thus facilitating planning and development within the eThekwini Municipality.

  • Cadastral, Engineering & Sectional Title Surveying

Land Surveyors frame diagrams which are attached to Property Title Deeds.
GIS data is used to create survey instruction plans.
Detail surveys are required for the design of roads, services, buildings etc and for the redesign and upgrading of the city (the picture above shows survey field staff using GPS equipment at Shongweni).

Engineering Survey Requirements and drawing examples

  • Land legal and land technical advice
  • Capital project land acquisition facilitation
  • Hand Plan preparation for land development

Handplans are used as documents for land negotiations and as references for cadastral surveys.

  • Customised GIS plans-

Click here to see one of these plans.

  • Cadastral information and plans
  • Street address queries
  • Plan and document microfilming
  • Service and retirement certificates

Please Click here to view  Documents for Expression of Interest for registered providers for Cadastral, Sectional Title, Engineering & Monitoring surveys within the eThekwini Municipal Area


Advert for Prof Serv Providers September 2016

Please click here to view Fees here to view Fees for Prints Plans and Photographs 2017/2018


Contact Us

Deputy Head: Zanexolo Dlamini

Tel: (031) 311-7215 

Land Surveying - Mlungisi Myeza -
Phone: 031 311-7234

Map Production - Kasturi Abbayee -
Phone: 031 311-7226

Land Information and Records - Usha Singh -
Phone: 031 311-7865

Cadastral & Survey Administration - Sihle Sibisi -
Phone: 031 311-7218

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