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Climate change is impacting human lives and health in a variety of ways

Durban's Resilience Strategy: Strategy:


General Documents:

Durban’s Resilience Agenda Setting Workshop 4th September 2014


Other Workshop Documents

Durban’s 100RC Stakeholder Engagement Process

Focused Stakeholder engagement workshops and meeting documents (February – May 2015)

Stakeholder engagement workshops (August – November 2015)

Durban’s Resilience Focus Areas

100 RC Stakeholder Engagement Public Document -Enikushilo mayelana nokukwazi ukumelana nezimo kweTheku - 24 August

Durban’s Preliminary Resilience Assessment (PRA)

Durban's Resilience Journey (timeline)

Durban's Preliminary Resilience Assessment (long version) 2015.

Systems Analysis Feedback Meeting: March 2016



Systems Analysis Final Feedback Session: June 2016


Systems Analysis - Final report

Durban Systems Analysis - Dalberg Final Report

100RC Stakeholder Engagement Feedback Report on the Resilience Building Options

100RC Stakeholder Feedback and Response Document

100RC Stakeholder Engagement Feedback Report Resilience Building Options

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