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Coastal Engineering
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The work done by this branch covers three separate areas of hydraulic engineering. Firstly, river works including both hydraulic studies to predict river flood levels as well as capital projects in the form of flood and erosion control measures. Secondly, coastal zone management including both engineering structures and soft engineering in consultation with the Environment Branch. Lastly, the branch controls the design aspects of the municipal pool filtration plants.

  • Sand Pumping Scheme
  • Durban Lower Level Groynes Project
  • Durban Beach Restoration Scheme
  • View Wave Monitoring
    Durban has reliable wave data from 1992. The City of Durban used to rely on TNPA for wave data but in 2010 deployed their own Waverider buoy. The wave data is used for the design of coastal structures as well as risk analysis studies. To view Durban’s real time wave data Click here
  • History of the Umhlanga Promenade Pier Project



Manager: Mr. G.F. Vella +27 311 7256

Mr. G.F. Vella

Tel: +27 311 7256


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