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About Coastal Stormwater & Catchment Management
Building Tomorrow

What we do

  • We manage flood risks to houses, industrial and commercial properties.
  • We strive to improve water quality in the city's rivers, vleis, wetlands and receiving coastal waters by managing and monitoring developments.
  • We protect and enhance urban river corridors and wetlands as important natural features within the urban landscape.
  • Promote multi-functional, sustainable use of river corridors and drainage systems.
  • We maintain a suitable beach width.


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Why manage stormwater at all?

  • Nature seems to have done a good job for millions of years with a well designed network of streams and rivers of just the right capacity
  • Due to Urbanization – human intervention:
  • Changes in stormwater runoff characteristics
  • Increased volume and rate of runoff
  • More frequent flooding
  • Risk to life and property

IDP Objectives and Targets

  • Develop & implement a Stormwater Management System.
  • Review service delivery mechanisms & alternative funding sources.
  • Develop a flood risk profile and mitigation strategy for all properties within the entire municipality.
  • Pursue sand bypass scheme with NPA.
  • Integrated Catchment Management

Integrated Development Plans (IDP’s) that will guide the development of our city so that all services are provided in a co-ordinated way, considering all aspects of peoples lives. Read more on IDP…

Challenges for Delivery

  • Recruitment of suitably skilled personnel.
  • Funding needs.
  • Balancing contractor development and delivery.
  • Backlogs in excess of R160 million.
  • Information backlogs of R11 million.

The National Ports Authority (NPA) is spearheading many development projects to ensure the port of Durban retains its status as Africa’s premier port.

The Port of Durban is situated on the East coast of Africa,680 nautical miles north-east of Cape Agulhas.  Longitude & Latitude, Lat:29 ° 52 ’ S Long:31 ° 02 ’ E
Deputy Head: Randeer Kasserchun PrEng. 

Tel: 031 311 7338
Fax: 031 311 7840


Location: Room 527, 166 K.E. Masinga Road (previously Old Fort Road), Durban

Postal Address: Engineering Unit, P.O. Box 680, Durban, 4000

For Information on:

  • Sand Pumping, Lower Level Groynes, Beach Restoration: 031 3117338 / 031 3117007
  • Coastal Issues, Flooding, Canalization, Beaches, Estuaries: 031 311 7338
  • Design of Stowmwater features: 031 311 7338
  • GIS related queries for this department: 031 311 7264

For after hours enquiries contact : 0801 313 013

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