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Quality of Electricity Supply
Power Quality Dip Reports

Quality of Supply

eThekwini Electricity strives to provide a high quality of supply and recognises the effects that any disturbance on the electricity network can have on electrical plant as well as the potential consequences thereof. Quality of supply is measured in terms of a number of parameters such as

  • Frequency
  • Harmonics
  • Unbalance
  • Voltage Regulation
  • Voltage Dips

but the sensitivity of modern plant to the latter and the network wide resultant disturbance even for a remote incident, makes this a factor of special attention. The nature of electricity supply and the benefits of interconnected transmission networks for security of supply makes it impossible for any utility to eliminate voltage dips, but eThekwini Electricity is striving to reduce the frequency of those dips of high duration and/or magnitude. Information on these dips are available.

This website is intended to provide eThekwini Electricity customers with information regarding such system disturbances which can be used to better understand and possibly even mitigate the effects that are experienced on their own interactive plant. eThekwini Electricity is, itself, supplied from the Eskom national grid at 275 kV to 275/132 kV substations for further transmission and distribution. With any problems related to Power Quality, please contact:

Tel: 031 311-9464
Fax: 031 305-3007


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