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Building a better City for all

Date: 2023-07-11 16:24:37

Building a better City for all

AS YOUTH Month draws to a close, as leaders we are reminded to recommit ourselves to work together to change the lives of people, much like the class of 1976 did. We are pleased that as a City, we continue to implement programmes that address the plight of young people. The youth continue to face challenges of unemployment, crime, substance abuse, as well as HIV and AIDS. To fight the scourge of HIV and AIDS, we recently launched the U=U campaign which translates to Undetectable=Untransmittable. 

This campaign launch coincided with the 11th South African AIDS Conference which took place in the City. The conference aimed to create awareness about a scientific study that has shown that even if you have HIV, if it is undetectable, you will not transmit the virus to your sexual partner. The campaign also encourages people to continue to take their ARVs as prescribed and to use condoms to prevent new infections. As part of the Youth Month programme, the City hosted a number of events to showcase the opportunities for the youth in the Municipality. We were recently part of the Youth in Business Seminar which brought together young entrepreneurs and graduates to share ideas on how to build a strong economy that creates sustainable jobs for the future. 

In partnership with the Department of Higher Education and Glorybush Group, we also hosted a career exhibition in
KwaMashu to assist learners to make the right career choices. We are confident that these initiatives will help young people to build a prosperous future. We also participated in the Ecocity World Summit in London and were delighted to receive the baton as the next host of this global event. Work to prepare for the summit must start now to show our City as a global player in the event hosting and management space. More importantly, such conferences bring together international experts including policy makers, government, community activists, innovators, and academics to chart a way forward for cities to prepare for the challenges of the future. So, as we prepare to host the Ecocity World Summit in 2025, we must start looking at various topics that will address some of the challenges we face as a City and the country at large. The Municipality has seen its fair share of disasters recently which have tested our resilience as a City. Whether it is floods or fires, we need to find new ways to build a world-class city. We are expecting 48 000 punters and fashionistas to descend on the City for the Hollywoodbets Durban July experience. 

We assure you that all safety measures are in place to deliver a safe and memorable event. Law enforcement agencies have developed an integrated safety plan and they will maintain high visibility in and around the venue. We caution those who might be tempted to disrupt this event that we will not tolerate any lawlessness. We will continue to engage with various communities in the City to address service delivery challenges. We were recently in uMlazi and Dakota Beach to intervene regarding challenges of water, electricity, and housing in these areas.