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Budget responds to service delivery changes

Date: 2022-06-10 13:02:46

Budget responds to service delivery changes

ON 7 JUNE, Council adopted the 2022/23 financial year annual budget. We would like to thank all political parties for their valuable input regarding this final budget which is pro-poor and people centered. The cooperation and constructive engagement by all stakeholders throughout the consultation process demonstrates that we are all committed to taking the Municipality forward. 

This is the commitment we made when we assumed office in November last year; that we will rally all sectors of society
including opposition parties to work together to ensure accelerated service delivery. This budget will focus on improving infrastructure to ensure uninterrupted provision of basic services such as water, electricity, and refuse removal. Residents will recall that even before the April and May floods, there were communities that were experiencing water supply challenges. These included Ingonyameni, Folweni, Mbumbulu, Umzinyathi, Zwelibomvu, and Mfume. 

Through this budget, the following interventions will be implemented in these areas: 

  • UMlazi and Ngonyameni - the Municipality has allocated R67 million for the installation of the Southern Aqueduct Project and Inwabi to Ngonyameni Bulk Pipeline.
  • UMzinyathi - the City has allocated R29 million for emaQadini water projects.
  • R27 million has been set aside for the Zwelibomvu Inlet Phase Project. 
  • The Municipality has allocated R8 million for the Ntuzuma Reservoir and a water pump station upgrade.
  • R2.5 million has been set aside for Umnini to upgrade the Amagcino Reservoir and installation of water pumps to
    improve water supply in high lying areas. 
  • In Mfume, the Municipality will invest R31 million to upgrade water infrastructure in the area. 
  • In KwaMakhutha, Adams, Mbubulu, and Folweni, R54 million has been allocated to install an inlet main and upgrading of two water reservoirs.
  • We will upgrade the Kwanyuswa Pipeline, Thandokuhle and Kwanqetho reservoirs at a cost of R59 million.
  • R15 million has been allocated for the drilling of boreholes throughout the Municipality. 

We are confident that these projects will assist to address water challenges. It is also important to inform residents, particularly those residing in informal settlements and rural communities, that the City will invest over R50 million to electrify 6 000 households in the next financial year. This shows that we are a caring city that is committed to improving lives of all eThekwini residents.