• From less than 100 exhibitors, 150 exhibitors participated.
  • Introduced the business linkages programme on potential business for SMMEs from Corporate and Government departments.
  • Information dissemination platform in a form of a workshop with an average 343 people attending per day over a two day period. 
  • Sponsorship raised was R65, 000.00 in monetary value and R 42, 000.00 in kind.
  • 4376 visitors participated in three days.


  • 198 exhibitors participated.
  • Further grow in the business linkages programme with more Corporates participation in offering procurement opportunities and meeting with SMMEs.
  • International Sister City participation through the workshops and seminar.
  • Sponsorship raised was R95, 000.00 in monetary value and R133, 000.00 in kind.
  • 7447 visitors over three days.


  • 358 exhibitors participated.
  • Workshops grew into a conference with an average of 546 people attending per day. 
  • Sponsorship benefits developed to attract more sponsors giving them mileage on publicity.
  • Sponsorship raised was R320, 000.00 in monetary value and R150, 000.00 in kind to events promotional items.
  • 8732 visitors over three days.


  • Celebrating 10 years of success of the SMME Fair.
  • R1M partnership with the Provincial Department of Economic Development.
    368 exhibitors participated.
  • Introduced pre exhibitors’ workshops to prepare them for the exhibition.
  • Adopted SMME Fair Patrons: Reputable business people to give advice, enhanced role out and suggestions on the Fair. 
  • Introduced the Fashion show affording SMMEs in the fashion industry to further showcase their clothing designs.
  • Information dissemination platform in a form of a conference with an average of 769 people attending per day. Presentations were conducted by actual business owners and CEOs than business development practitioners. 
  • Sponsorship raised was R480 000 in monetary value and R600, 000.00 worth of publicity value add partnership with SABC and
    R30, 000.00 in kind.
  • Best stand competition with SMMEs winning lucrative prizes including international business trip.
  • 10 000 visitors participated.


  • 550 stands were sold to exhibitors including international SMMEs.
  • Business linkage programme gained more momentum with not less than 20 Corporates participating.
  • Information dissemination platform in a form of a workshop with an average 665 people attending per day.  
  • Sponsorship raised was R 695, 000.00 in monetary value and R42, 000.00 in kind.
  • 15 000 visitors participated.


  • Due to growth and demand, introduction of the SMME Fair Business Week and spreading the SMME Fair activities throughout the week.
  • R1m partnership with the Provincial Department of Economic Development and Tourism.
  • 559 exhibitors participated.
  • Sponsorship raised was R1 930 000 in monetary value.
  • Wider scale of international SMME participating in an international pavilion stand at the SMME Fair exhibition and Mayors from Bulawayo & Le Port gracing the event.
  • Business Linkage programme enhanced and introduced a speakers’ corner to give business couching and mentorship.
  • Experienced growth in the Fashion Show with 29 SMME designers participating and showcasing high quality designers.  
  • Best stand competition with international prizes.
  • 16 390 visitors participated.