December 2018

Printing and framing of Official Photo- President.pdf
Sound and Generator for Christmas Lights Ceremony.pdf
Stage and Red Carpet for Christmas Street light Ceremony.pdf
Printing of event cards.pdf
Christmas Lights Switching Ceremony Speed Fence and Toilets Hiring service.pdf
Design and the production of Durban filmmart marketing material 2019.pdf
Business empowerment workshop Inkosi EBT Mkhize Hall Hammersdale.pdf
Bumber and Licence Disc Stickers 3 Printing Services.pdf

 November 2018

Festive Season Promotional material.pdf
Staff Meeting sound services.pdf
2018-19 Ref 002 Printing of the 2019 Municipal Wall Calendars.pdf
Busines Empowerment-Amathole Community Hall.pdf
Sound Projector and Screen for Business Empowerment-Workshop.pdf
Premier, President Deputy, President Official Frames.pdf
Durban Gift Bag - 2018.pdf
Payment of artists (Durban Underground) 25th December 2018.pdf
Payment of artists (Fact Durban Rocks) 31st December 2018.pdf
City Managers - Folders.pdf
The Durban EDGE Design and layout of marketing and information TOR Re-Advertisement.pdf
Services for concept and design of Durban Filmmart campaign.pdf
Coordination of the durban filmmart event logistics.pdf
Durban Gift Bag-2018.pdf
Business Empowerment.pdf
IBM SPSS Statistics V25 Annual License Authorisation Codes 2019-2020.pdf
5 seater couch re-upholstery cover service.pdf
Invest Durban Photography required for Investment purposes.pdf
Invest Durban Bulk Printing and Production Elements.pdf
Supply and Install Hot Dip Galvanised Steel Poultry Cages.pdf
Sound and Video for Bulk buying-workshop.pdf
7X-40986-Website Content-Advert.pdf
Sound-Business Empowerment Workshop.pdf
Informal Trade Compliance Workshop _ Itrump Hall Warwick Avenue.pdf
Printing of City Manager Folders_re advert.pdf
Video for City Fleet Auction - Mobeni.pdf
Repair and calibrate synspec GC 955 analysers at settlers station and mobile unit, installation of PID lamps.pdf
Concept design and estimate costing for Durban-ICC office and PCO relocation.pdf
Leak Detector.pdf
Employee Engagement Survey.pdf
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 October 2018

Re-Advert_Q 1636_Repair and Replace all defects at Westbrook Beach.pdf
Supply and deliver of 1x 12m x 2.4m of a container for Isipingo.pdf
Supply and deliver of 1x 12m x 2.4m of a container for Isipingo for the storage of both perishable and non-perishable goods.pdf
Supply and deliver of 1x 12m x 2.4m refrigerated container for Isipingo for the storage.pdf
Service Provider for Provision of Audio Visual and Live Feed for Gospel Icon.pdf
Adams Mission - Sound.pdf
World Aids Day Event.pdf
Business Empowerment Workshop - KwaThoyana Tribal.pdf
Information about all snake species found within the eThekwini Municipal Area (EMA).pdf
MojaCruise Live Streaming.pdf
7P.149 Provision of Hospitality_Artist and Clearing for Gospel Icon Discovery.pdf
7P.147 Provision of Stage Design and Lighting Design for Gospel Icon Discovery.pdf
7P.144 Finale Sound and Backline Gospel Icon Discovery.pdf
7P.143 Guest Marquee Furniture for Gospel Icon Discovery.pdf
Facilitate dialogue between the municipality and private sector concerning precinct.pdf
Umbilo traffic congestion facilitation.pdf
Assess and submit feasibility study for the most economic viable mixed-use development on remainder 1.pdf
Assess and submit feasibility study for the most economic viable mixed-use development.pdf
Community Media Forum.pdf
Compliance Workshop at Wushini Hall.pdf
Contract for provision of specialised conferencing services to the eThekwini municipality IGR unit (Reception decor).pdf
Contract for provision of specialised conferencing services to the eThekwini municipality IGR unit (Sound and Equipment).pdf
Cut platform to receive converted container structures.pdf
Re-Advertisement  for Edge publication printing and layout.pdf
Revenue Structure Consultant (Sound).pdf
Sound for township global entrepreneurial week workshop - Botanical Gardens.pdf
Durban Gift Bag 2018.pdf
Concept design and estimate costing for Durban ICC office and PCO relocation.pdf
Executive specialist recruiter services.pdf
The Installation and Maintenance of the Syndetics for Ethekwini Municipal Libraries Discovery.pdf
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 September 2018

Business Empowerment Workshop.pdf
Banners and Mechanisms Recycling service.pdf
Sound for Business Empowerment Workshop at Ngcolosi Hall.pdf
iTheku Talks Studio Launch videography service.pdf
Supply of material for 40 temporary units for fire disaster victims at KwaDabeka.pdf
Re-advert for Sound for Human Settlements Heritage Celebration.pdf
Compliance Workshop (Sound).pdf
Sound for Human Settlements Heritage Celebration.pdf
2019-25 Economic Development Strategy (EDS) - Shape Durban Conference 2018 Video and Photography.pdf
Logistics-Transportation of equipments to various sites.pdf
Sound - Verulam.pdf
ABM Booklets.pdf
Carpet Cleaning for 3 months.pdf
Salary survey.pdf
Video Content Services.pdf
Fire Retardant.pdf
Sound- Illovu.pdf
Provision of an online digital publishing platform.pdf
Invitation for quotations to secure space and building of a stand for mall activation in Bloemfontein.pdf
Logistics - Transportation of equipments to various sites.pdf
Cllrs Letters are not for Sale in Zulu.pdf
KwaMashu Public Service Marketing event sound service.pdf
Appoint a service provider for venue hire (uMnini).pdf
Professional Service Provider for Invest Durban Key Client Project Team (SAPOA) (Administrative support).pdf
Provision of Cobit foundation training and exams.PDF
Staff Meeting Heritage (day sound).pdf
Design and communication packaging of the Industrial Sector Support Programmes Initiatives.pdf
International Pavillion (Sound).pdf
Printing of councillor letters are not for sale posters.pdf
Hire of LED Screens.pdf
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 August 2018

Video and Photography.pdf
Marketing Services.pdf
Event Management Services.pdf
Sound for Township Business Workshop KwaMashu-Bester Hall.pdf
Township Business Workshop Sound Services.pdf
Dassenhoek sound.pdf
UShaka Cargo Hold Restaurant Community Media Forum Video Coverage.pdf
Township Business Workshop (Phoenix).pdf
Township Business Workshop sound services (Newlands Hall East).pdf
Photography Requisition.pdf
Provide 3 Days Peer Education Training.pdf
Supply Deliver and Branding for eThekwini Municipal Academy Uniforms.pdf
Printing of Ink Creative Industries Booklets.pdf
My Spaza Launch at Kwa Dabeka Community hall.pdf
Image Consultant for Women in Community Media.pdf
Professional video services for Mayoral civic functions.pdf
Develop and write speeches, briefings, and other communications for executives.pdf
Supply and delivery of 9X 19MM reload ammunition.pdf
Motivational Speaker for Community - Media Forum.pdf
Techncal Services for WTA.pdf
Entertainment booking services for the Durban ICC.pdf
Internet connectivity for 12 months.pdf
Q 1616 Demolishing.pdf
Young Employees Seminar_Sound.pdf
Motivational Speaker for Community Media Forum.pdf
Printing of Fresh Produce Application Form.pdf
Printing of Fresh Produce Parking Permit .pdf
Spring treatment for two outer fields at King Zwelithini stadium.pdf
Empowerment workshop (Upper Maphephetheni Tribal Court).pdf
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 July 2018

Repair and service various printing machines.pdf
Full Council A3.pdf
Licenses brochure printing servce.pdf
Consultant-Service Provider to undertake an Operational and Management Plan for Hammersdale Waste Beneficiation Centre.pdf
Provision of Sound, Videography, Screens and Microphones.pdf
Supply and Delivery of Water Bottles.pdf
The Production of 5-minute service delivery based insert videos, to be used for educating and informing resident – 12 months.pdf
The provision of high definition, quality, digital images of eThekwini which includes aerial photography - 12 months.pdf
Provision of an online digital publishing platform that can swiftly convert print ready newsletters, reports etc.pdf
Fairwell Function Sound Services.pdf
Empowerment workshop (Ogagwini Ground) Embo.pdf
Empowerment workshop kwaKhabazela Hillicrest Embo.pdf
Compliance workshop (Sound).pdf
Business Empowerment Workshop (Sound).pdf
Services for design and production of economic development project investment brochures.pdf
Database for subcontrators that will participate as community based contractors (CBCs).pdf
Provider For Gospel ID - Performance.pdf
Gospel ID Production - Production and Stage Crew.pdf
Service provider for gospel-music curator, image consultant, make-up and wardrobe.pdf
Ablution Hire for Mandela day.pdf
Mandela Day.pdf
Branding services for the Durban ICC.PDF
Supply, delivery and installation of shelving.PDF
Development of new presentation content and presenter training.PDF
Media monitoring services for a period of 12 months.PDF
Umlazi V Hall Bulk buying Programme sound service.pdf
Empowerment workshop (Thenjane Sports Ground) Embo.pdf
Services for photographic services, a joint project of the Durban international film festival.pdf
Decor services for the world travels awards.pdf
Mandela Day hiring (Hiring of Stage plus deck).pdf
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 June 2018

Printing of Ethekwini Games Flyers.pdf
Printing, Erecting and Removal of Streetpole Posters.pdf
Cataloguing Tools 7P 39216.pdf
Publisher to Develop and Publish Manuscripts 7P 39244.pdf
Edge Promotional Printing TOR.pdf
Contract PQ 7N 38608 Printing.pdf
Community Media Forum.pdf
Mandela Day_.pdf
Sport village (300 seater marquee and picket fence).pdf
Furniture and Decor.pdf
Video-Community Media Forum.pdf
Printing of photographs and install on existing frames to be collected from Rennie House, Photos.pdf
Carpet cleaning services for a period of 3 months.pdf
City Intergrity and Investigations Unit Brochure.pdf
Rental space for a period of 12 months.PDF
Accredited Training for the Durban ICC.PDF
Removal of grease traps (Re-advertised).pdf
Service and maintenance of kitchen equipment at Moses Mabhida Stadium.pdf
Hire of three single person mobility devices at Moses Mabhida Stadium.pdf
Annual service and maintenance of generators at Moses Mabhida Stadium.pdf
Completion of minor works, steel screens, waterproofing, ceiling repairs.pdf
Compliance Workshop.pdf
Durban Filmmart Event Marketing Collateral.pdf
Creative interpretation of scientific concepts, data and other information relating to biodiversity.pdf
Ethekwini Prayer Meeting.pdf
Youth Seminar Sound.pdf
2017-18 Ref 099 Printing of Folders.pdf
Advert 7O - 38987 Marquee and Hall.pdf
Advert 7O - 38982 Ambulance.pdf
Advert 7O - 38983 Provision of Photography, Videography, Generator and Sound System.pdf
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 May 2018

Advert 7Z - 38924 Provision of Faciliation Course for 3 Days for 10 Delegates.pdf
Appointment of the Microsoft Licensing Partner.pdf
Advert 7P - 38979 Provision of Full Day Venue Hire and Lunch for Mens Seminar.pdf
Advert 7Z - 38852 ISO 9001 2015 Quality Management System for Development_Implementation of ISO 90012015.pdf
Training on advanced air quality instrument fault diagnosis and repairs.pdf
Design, Branding, Print and supply promotional material for disaster management.pdf
Supply and delivery of TV games for the libraries department.pdf
Appointment of an environmental control officer for uMgababa phase ii construction project.pdf
Supply and delivery of 3m Container Conversion Phoenix Industrial Park.pdf
Branded table cloths, wall and pull up banner.pdf
(Re-advertisement) Supply and delivery of a 3m food preparation container conversion – 48 Aberdare Road.pdf
SOCA Live Streaming.pdf
Printing of PME Folders.pdf
Supply and delivery of two 6 metre storage containers for Ntuzuma G Section.pdf
Renewal of Sophos sg310 UTM full guard bundle with technical support.pdf
Database of construction projects in eThekwini Municipal Region.pdf
Logistics - Transportation of equipment to various sites.pdf
Medical Broker.pdf
Entertaining booking services for the Durban ICC.pdf
Provision of Mobile Circulation Application Module for LMS.pdf
Supply and delivery of customised promotional materials.pdf
Replace glazing panels at Moses Mabhida Stadium.pdf
Supply and delivery of two 6 metre storage containers for Ntuzuma-G Section.pdf
Sound services Business Epowerment Workshop.pdf
Supply and Delivery of One Step Rapid Test.pdf
Advert  7G 38489 Campaign Shoot.pdf
Advert 7G 38864 Bootcamp.pdf
7N 38853 Ntuzuma Container Conversion_Terms of Reference.pdf
Executive Frame Stand.pdf
Service and Calibration OG Grimm PM Analyser.pdf
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 April 2018

Provision of Trend Anti-Virus Software Onsite support resource for a period of seven (7) months.pdf
Supply and Delivery of Skype for Business Connector Edition Appliance.pdf
Appointment of the Microsoft Licensing Partner.pdf
Business Fair Launch-20 Year Celebration_Sound and Photographer.pdf
Request for quotations budget hearings videos - 2017-18-090.pdf
Printing Posters for JL Dube Stadium.pdf
Printing of flyers - Budget Flyers.pdf
Integrated Cruise Tourism Sector Development and Support.pdf
Marketing and Communication Strategy Review and Implementation.pdf
City Hall Draft IDP Budget Hearing Street PoleBanners Re-advertise printing service_.pdf
City Hall Budget Hearing Flyers Re-advertise printing service_0.pdf
City Hall Budget Hearing Flyers Re-advert printing Service_.pdf
Supply and delivery of pa sound system.pdf
Layout and Design of the eThekwini 2016-2017 Annual Report.pdf
Printing of the eThekwini 2016-2017 Annual Report.pdf
Use iT impact Assessment.pdf
Business Empowerment Workshop Bester Hall.pdf
Bester Hall Sound.pdf
Printing of 1000 A5 Pamplets for Nelson Mandela Lecture.pdf
Executive  Frame - Stand.pdf
Printing of 80 street pole banners for Nelson Mandela Lecture.pdf
Production of items for the natural science museum education programmes.pdf
Woza eNanda eco-tourism storage containers.pdf
Woza eNanda eco-tourism office container.pdf
Woza eNanda eco-tourism classroom container.pdf
Woza eNanda eco-tourism fencing material supply.pdf
Draft IDP Budget -Street Pole banners Sugar Ray_.pdf
Printing of Street Pole Banners _Mpumalanga Stadium Draft IDP Budget.pdf
Hire of decor.pdf
Community Media Forum Video Production.pdf
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 March 2018

Overnight Application Form for Buyers Card.pdf
Premier   President Official Frames.pdf
Eziko Hall Business Empowerment Workshop Sound Service.pdf
Undertake Impact Assessments of Smartxchange.pdf
KwaDabeka agri-tourism, bike park landscaping project.pdf
Impact Assessment of SmartXchange.pdf
Agri_Business and Mechanisation Launch Video and Photography Services.pdf
KwaDabeka agritourism – permaculture irrigation sytsyem.pdf
Printing and framing of official photos of the Premier.pdf
Sound Projector and Screen for ICC Community Media Forum.pdf
KwaDabeka agritourism, develop business case for biomass value chain development in eThekwini.pdf
Technical equipment servicing and repairs for a period of 12 months.PDF
Supply and Delivery of Portable Bar Counters.PDF
Supply and Delivery of Formal Shirts, Camisoles and Jerseys.PDF
Supply and delivery of formal jackets.pdf
Coffee services for the indaba 2018.pdf
Provision of professional services for undertaking of the detailed– eThekwini safety audit (city wide).PDF
Provision of professional services for the design of the safety audit tool – eThekwini, EFUS program (City Wide).PDF
Inanda Childrens Wilderness Play furniture design and installation.pdf
Video Coverage for Councillors Workshop.pdf
Enterprise Development Workshop Sound  Video.pdf
Cleaning of Chairs, Artificial Flowers and Desks Screens Service re-advertisement.pdf
Printing - CllU Brochures.pdf
KwaDabeka agritourism, supply and install one container converted toilet and kitchen unit and one office kitchette.pdf
Public catering services at the Durban exhibition centre for the indaba travel and tourism show 2018.pdf
Replace step roller for three escalators at the Durban ICC arena.PDF
Cleaning of extractor hoods for a period of 12 months.pdf
Re-advert Raset Agri Business Banners.pdf
AGRI Folders.pdf
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 February 2018

Woza eNanda sensory Garden construction.pdf
Re-advert By-Laws Workshop Presentation.pdf
Cupboard renovation services.pdf
KwaDabeka Agritourism, permaculture container toilets and kitchette.pdf
Councillors Toolkit.pdf
Advert -  7Z - 36749 Re-Advert.pdf
Re Advertised_New Venture Creation Programme Access to Finance Workshop.pdf
By-Laws Workshop Presentation.pdf
New Venture Creation Programme-Access to Finance Workshop.pdf
Supply of Branded Gift Bags.pdf
Woza eNanda Childrens wilderness Landscaping Project.pdf
Supplying branded Gift Bags.pdf
Cleaning of Chairs_ Atificial Flowers _Desks Screens Service.pdf
Unit location management mentorship and development programme.pdf
Sound for Informal Traders Bylaw Review Pinetown Civic Centre.pdf
Business Empowerment Workshop Ward 31 Spark Estate Hall.pdf
Advert 7Z - 37072.pdf
Technical Assessment for the eThekwini Wind Turbines.pdf
KwaDabeka Irrigation sysytem.pdf
KwaDabeka Bike Park landscaping project.pdf
Durban ICC Community Media Forum Video Coverage.pdf
2017-18 Ref 083 Printing and Framing of Official Photos.pdf
Go Durban Conference Centre PA Sound System Service.pdf
Isipingo SMME - Sound services.pdf
Service and maintenance of the Salvis Combi steam ovens for a period of 8 months.pdf
Re-advertisement - Hire of shell scheme and infrastructure.pdf
Sound and Video Mpumalanga.pdf
2017-18 Ref 082 Media Monitoring Services.pdf
Supplying and Rental of Purified Water Service_.pdf
Verulam Markert PA Sound System Service.pdf
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 January 2018

Advert 7Z - 36537 Project Management.pdf
Advert 7Z - 36536 Water Bottles.pdf
Advert 7P - 36549 Golf Carts.pdf
Advert Online Services.pdf
Advert 7Z - 36635 Team Effectiveness.pdf
Safety tips flyers.pdf
Florida road complete street urban design concept plan.pdf
Rock-throwing Pamphlets.pdf
To brand A5 leather note pads.pdf
Invest Durban Resourcing Support.pdf
Property Consultant Invest Durban.pdf
2017-18 Ref 076 Print and Distribute Workplace Magazine.pdf
Ink Urban Management Forum (Sound  Video).pdf
2017-18 Ref 075 Print and Supply of Branded Trolley Bags.pdf
2017-18 Ref 074 Print and Frame Posters.pdf
Printing service for Calendars.pdf
Advert for DFO Expression of Interest.pdf
Supply and delivery of fresh flower arrangements for a period of 12 months.pdf
Service and maintain HVAC systems at the Durban ICC, Durban ICC arena and Durban exhibition centre.pdf
Supply and delivery of IPads.pdf
Supply and Fit canvas canopy at the Durban coffee shop.pdf
Entertainment booking services for the Durban ICC.pdf
Virtual reality solution for the Durban ICC.pdf
Inanda childrens wilderness nature stream play area (Re-advert).pdf
Media Banners.pdf
Data Centre Scoping Study.pdf
2017-18 Ref 073 Electricity Awareness (South).pdf
2017-18 Ref 072 Electricity Awareness (East).pdf
2017-18 Ref 071 Electricity Awareness (West).pdf
2017-18 Ref 070 Electricity Awareness (North).pdf
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