February 2017

Watson North and Greylands Public Notice.pdf
Retraction of statutory notice No. 2788 for the expropriation of land and or servitude rights over various properties.pdf
Public notice calling for inspection of the general valuation roll (GV 2017) and lodging of objections.pdf
Proposed Deproclamation and Sale of Portions [A] To [S] All of Erf 4794 Tongaat, Along Shad Lane and Marine Avenue, Tongaat.pdf
Proposed Deproclamation and sale of land by private treaty - Proposed PTN [A] of Erf 2394 Westville.pdf
Notice of Proposed Film By-Law, 2016.pdf
Notice of proposed credit control and debt collection By-law, 2016.pdf
Invitation to public meeting - Draft annual report 2015-2016.pdf
Invitation to business empowerment road shows.pdf
Full Council Meeting.pdf
Formation of Sydenham clinic committee.pdf
Formation of Clare Estate Clinic Committee.pdf
Enquiry on Land Rights.pdf
Contractor NURCHA workshop.pdf

 January 2017

Mt Edgecombe Garden Refuse Site Relocation.pdf
Interim services project to the Panakeni (Ward 4).pdf
Electricity provision to Demat Place informal settlement in Klaarwater (Ward 72).pdf
Draft Rates Policy 2017-2018.pdf
Annual Report of The EThekwini Municipality and Call For Comments-Representations.pdf
2016-17 Mid-Term Amendments to Integrated Development Plan (IDP).pdf