December 2017

Renewal of Business Licenses (Public Notice).pdf
Renewal of business licenses.pdf
Proposed sale of land to the adjoining property owner at 30 Morisson Street, Durban.pdf
Notice to interested and affected parties (I and AP).pdf
Notice of proposed eThekwini Municipality - Informal trading amendment by-law, 2017.pdf
Notice of amendment to contract E.9352.pdf
Notice of amendment to contract E.9315.pdf
Eservices - access your metro bill anywhere, anytime.pdf
Draft rates policy 2018-2019.pdf
Draft Rates Policy 2018-19.PDF

 November 2017

Woman Empowerment Seminar.pdf
Informal Traders Bylaw Notice in isiZulu.pdf
Informal Traders Bylaw Notice in English.pdf
Informal Traders Imbizo - Invitation 2017 200X131 ZULU.pdf
Informal Traders Imbizo - Invitation 2017 ENGLISH.pdf
Township business workshops.pdf
Proposed closure and sale of proposed portion [a] of ERF 5599 tongaat to cedar point trading 20 (pty) ltd.pdf
Invitation to the second special bid adjudication committee.pdf
Full council meeting.pdf
Notice of amendment to environment authorisation – DM-AMEND-0089-2017-B.pdf
Township Business Workshops (IsiZulu and English).pdf
Invitation to the second special bid adjudication committee meeting to re-consider the unsolicited bid proposal.pdf
Presentation of the central densification and implementation plan.pdf
Presentation of the central densification and implementation plan for the eThekwini Municipality.pdf
Invitation to participate in the fashion mentorship programme.pdf
EThekwini water and sanitation administrative entity of the city of Durban.pdf
Electricity provision to the Cliffdale (ward 103) informal settlement and serving of notices.pdf
Assessment of the film and television business environment ETM.pdf
Application to stage events during the festival season.pdf
Township Business Workshops Advert_Zulu.pdf
Township Business Workshops Advert_English.pdf

 October 2017

Team Durban Investment Advisory Forum Members.pdf
Supply, delivery and Branding for Disaster Managent.pdf
Presentation of land use management strategy for the C3 corridor.pdf
Expression of Interest (EOI) Incubation Programme for Business Entities Trading.pdf
Mathematics and Science Education Development Project.pdf
Citys first ever planning bylaw in force and effect.pdf
Erratum Notice.pdf
Reservoir hills library to be closed temporarily due to relocation.pdf
Learnership programme - Payroll administration services (Payroll administration services).pdf
Learnership Programme - Payroll administration services (Business administration NQF-4).pdf

 September 2017

2017-2018 revision of tariffs of charges.pdf
Notice of application for environmental authorisation.pdf

 August 2017

Scope of duties for existing Umlazi Refuse Removal Contractors.pdf
Notice of proposed stormwater management.pdf
IDP draft process plan 2018-2019.pdf
Furniture Incubation Centre Press Advert.pdf

 July 2017

Leadership programme-Payroll administration services.pdf
Notice of application for environmental authorisation - Ogunjini water treatment works, North of Verulam.pdf
Scarce Skills.pdf

 June 2017

Durban fashion fair 2017 Invitation for pop-up suite exhibition (ICC).pdf
Preparation of the Mpumalanga northern functional area plan and draft scheme, including MR385 EAST corridor precinct.pdf
Electricity provision to the Parkington (ward 34).pdf
Apology notice- lions’ den business plan competition.pdf
Invitation Intellectual Property Workshop.pdf
Promulgation of resolution levying rates.pdf
Notice of proposed_eThekwini municipality_Rules of order amendment by-law, 2017.pdf
Adopted IDP 2017 - 2018.pdf
Building plans.pdf
Erratum notice.pdf
The preparation of the greater waterfall functional Area plan and draft scheme.pdf
Proposed amendment of lease - KwaZulu-Natal society of arts - 166 Bulwer Road.pdf
Notification for the environmental authorisation for the Emona-Sunhills housing project.pdf
Notice of sundry grant-in-aid 2017-2018.pdf
Notice of application for basic assessment.pdf
Incremental services project to the Lusaka (ward 72), uMlazi-A1 (ward 80).pdf
Electricity provision to the Thuthukani (Tongaat Beach) (ward 58) informal settlement.pdf
Durban Fashion Fair 2017 Invitation for Pop-Up Suite Exhibition.pdf

 May 2017

The Durban Film Office-Development Programmes Review workshop 2017-18.pdf
Regional Business Fair Registartion Form.pdf
Burlington Greenfields Extension Housing Project-Amendment of Environmental Authorisation's Validity Period.pdf
Rivertown precinct upgrade.pdf
Proposed extension of contracts WS.6209 and SW2011-038.pdf
Inspection of the twelfth supplementary valuation roll (GV 2012) and lodging of objections.pdf
Inspection of Supplementary Valuation Roll one (GV 2017) and Lodging of objections.pdf
Full council meeting.pdf
Formation of Overport Clinic Committee.pdf
Council budget meeting.pdf
2017-2018 revision of tariffs_Various matters (7-6-1-6).pdf
South Durban Business Fair.pdf
DFF 2017 Face Search.pdf
Advertisement for various trading sites.pdf
DFF 2017 New Face Search.jpg
Advert - S116 COGNOS Licenses.pdf

 April 2017

Oversight report.pdf
Notice of application for environmental authorisation-Mkhizwana Water Treatment Works, North of Cato Ridge.pdf
Introduction of the revised preferential procurement policy framework acts regulations, 2017.pdf
Durban fashion fair 2017 open model scouting.pdf
An application for the approval to reduce the purchase price and bulk usage.pdf
Rivertown precinct upgrade.pdf
Inauguration of ward committees.pdf
Hillary library closed until further notice.pdf
Extension of deadline for submission of objections to the general valuation roll – GV 2017.pdf
Draft IDP 2017 – 2018.pdf
Innovate Durban 2017.pdf

 March 2017

Upgrade of the Riverton Precinct.pdf
The conceptualization, co-ordination and holistic management of the Durban Tourism Hospitality-2017 Vodacom Durban July.pdf
Review of the South Planning Scheme within eThekwini Municipality.pdf
Review of the Outer West Planning Schemes within eThekwini Municipality.pdf
Review of the Inner West Planning Scheme within eThekwini Municipality.pdf
Proposed maintenance of existing motor vehicle and or equipment with the Sole agent or manufacturer.pdf
Proposed Alienati on of land-ERF 1265 Ntuzuma F.pdf
Notice of Expropriation.pdf
Notice of amendment to contract 4v-5669.pdf
Formation of Bayview Clinic Committee.pdf
Formation of Amanzimtoti Clinic Committee.pdf
Final call to all suppliers CSD deadline 1 April 2017.pdf
Attention - valued suppliers.pdf
Manufacturing Database Invite.pdf

 February 2017

South Region - Rezoning of Remainder.pdf
Pinetown urban upgrade stakeholder engagement.pdf
Outer west region - Rezoning.pdf
Inner west region - Rezoning.pdf
Formation of Athlone Park Clinic Committee.pdf
Financial fitness training.pdf
Draft spatial development framework (SDF) 2017 - 2018.pdf
Attention - Valued suppliers.pdf
Draft Spatial Development English and Zulu.pdf
Watson North and Greylands Public Notice.pdf
Retraction of statutory notice No. 2788 for the expropriation of land and or servitude rights over various properties.pdf
Public notice calling for inspection of the general valuation roll (GV 2017) and lodging of objections.pdf
Proposed Deproclamation and Sale of Portions [A] To [S] All of Erf 4794 Tongaat, Along Shad Lane and Marine Avenue, Tongaat.pdf
Proposed Deproclamation and sale of land by private treaty - Proposed PTN [A] of Erf 2394 Westville.pdf
Notice of Proposed Film By-Law, 2016.pdf
Notice of proposed credit control and debt collection By-law, 2016.pdf
Invitation to public meeting - Draft annual report 2015-2016.pdf
Invitation to business empowerment road shows.pdf
Full Council Meeting.pdf
Formation of Sydenham clinic committee.pdf
Formation of Clare Estate Clinic Committee.pdf
Enquiry on Land Rights.pdf
Contractor NURCHA workshop.pdf

 January 2017

Mt Edgecombe Garden Refuse Site Relocation.pdf
Interim services project to the Panakeni (Ward 4).pdf
Electricity provision to Demat Place informal settlement in Klaarwater (Ward 72).pdf
Draft Rates Policy 2017-2018.pdf
Annual Report of The EThekwini Municipality and Call For Comments-Representations.pdf
2016-17 Mid-Term Amendments to Integrated Development Plan (IDP).pdf