November 2016

Ukumenywa komphakathi emhlanganweni wokuzodingida ngokwakhiwa kabusha kwesikhumulo samabhanoyi sase-Virginia.pdf
Invitation to the bid adjudication committee meeting for the redevelopment of the Virginia Airport site.pdf
Invitation to prospective suppliers and service providers to apply for registration on the MMS supplier database.pdf
Motor vehicle auction 2016.pdf
Sewage disposal by-law, 2015.pdf
Property rates amendment by-law, 2016.pdf
Invitation to participate in the fashion mentorship programme.pdf
Design and Production of the Durban Filmmart Publication.pdf
Supplier Database registration.pdf
Proposed sale of land - ERF 670 Ntuzuma-E by private treaty to watch tower bible and tract society of South Africa.pdf
Notice of extension various refuse collection contracts.pdf
Notice of amendment to contract.pdf
Motor vehicle auction.pdf
Environmental Authorisation on for the proposed construction of Bhambayi Phase 1 Extension Housing Project, KwaZulu-Natal.pdf
Extension of Current Appointment of Various Refuse Collection Contractors Providing Refuse Collection.pdf

 October 2016

Withdrawal of public notices for the extension of the appointment of various refuse collection contractors.pdf
Public presentation of CSIR report.pdf
Advertisement for various trading sites at the following areas.pdf
Registration of suppliers on the vendor portal.pdf
Proposed extension of Contract WS.6438.pdf
Call for SMMES to Apply for Registration on UESC Incubation Programme.pdf

 September 2016

IDP Draft Process Plan 2017 - 2018.pdf
Call for SMMES to apply for registration on UESC incubation programme.pdf
Extension of Contract in terms of Section 116(3) of the Municipal Finance.pdf

 August 2016

Women Empowerment Invite.pdf
Proposed deproclamation and reversion of Proposed Portion Erf 162 and Portion of Remainder of Erf 163.pdf
Residence letters can be obtained from all eThekwini Municipality Sizakala Centres.pdf
Notice of integrated rapid public transport network (IRPTN) project office lease agreement renewal.pdf
Invitation to members of the public to the inauguration of the 5th eThekwini council.pdf
Full Council Meeting.pdf
Advertisement for trading stalls (kiosks) in KwaMnyandu mall pedestrian bridge.pdf
Durban Fashion Fair Tickets Now On Sale - 2016.pdf
Waste Removal By-Law, 2016.pdf
Notice of proposed eThekwini municipality-property rates amendment by-law, 2016.pdf
Invitation for quotations to service providers who are well vested in TV advertising.pdf

 July 2016

Durban Fashion Fair 2016.pdf
Proposed registration of aerial bridge servitude and creation of bridge column servitude over Municipal road reserve.pdf
Proposed deproclamation and private treaty sale of Land adjoining 31 Manchester street, wentworth.pdf
Lancers road and Durban Chest clinic committee members.pdf
Cato Manor Youth Empowerment Programme.pdf
All Supplier and Vendor Workshop.pdf
Supplier and Vendor Workshop.pdf
Regional Business Fair 15 - 17 July Bridge City Mall.pdf
Request to register interest property development investment opportunity.pdf
Notice of Proposed Outdoor Advertising By-Law, 2016.pdf

 June 2016

North Regional Business Fair Registration Form.pdf
JD Edwards Enterprise 1 Upgrade.pdf
Amendment of Contract No.1C.7060.pdf
Florida rd UIP Media Release - MyFloridaRoad Place Surveys.pdf
Contract No- 7G-20144- Professional Services- Photographic and Locations Scout Services.pdf
Beachfront Management Zone.pdf
Section 14 Notice - Promulgation of Resolution Levying Rates.pdf
Revision of Tariffs- Various Matters (7-6-1-6).pdf
Proposed alienation of land - proposed portion [A] of erf 29 and erf 209 both of phoenix industrial park - aberdare drive.pdf
Notice of refund of tenders - WS.6612 and WS.6778.pdf
Notice of Application For Environmental Authorisation and Water License.pdf
Adoption of The 2016 - 2017 IDP.pdf

 May 2016

Public Notice Calling for Inspection of the Eleventh Supplementary Valuation Roll (GV 2012) and Lodging of objections.pdf
Invitation to the launch of eThekwini Co-operative Strategy.pdf
Invitation to the Incentive policy Briefing Session.pdf
Artisan Development Programme for Unemployed Youth.pdf
2016 eThekwini Master Caterers Challenge.jpg
Notice of Proposed Repeal By-Law, 2016.pdf
Sustainable Living Exhibition and BOTSOC Plant Fair 2016.pdf
Proposed private treaty sale and consolidation of land.pdf
Proposed Deproclamation - Road Servitude and Reversion of Proposed Portions 8 and 9 Both Erf 379 Umhlanga Rocks.pdf
Notice of Sundry Grant-In-Aid 2016-2017.pdf
Notice of Proposed Repeal By-Law 2016.pdf
Notice of Application for Water Use License.pdf
Centralised Supplier Database (SCD) Registration.pdf
Regional Business Fair 2016 INDABA (IsiZulu).pdf
Regional Business Fair 2016 INDABA (English).pdf
Inviting All Contractors.pdf

 April 2016

Regional business fair - 13 - 15 May KwaMnyandu shopping centre.pdf
Notice of amendment to contracts (motivation for a change in scope of work).pdf
Proposed alienation of residential land to adjoining property owners along Shad Lane and Marine Avenue, Tongaat.pdf
Implementation of Pressure Management across eThekwini Municipality – Drought Initiative.pdf
Emerging Contractors – CIDB Grades 2 To 5.pdf
Centralised Supplier Database (CSD) Registration.pdf
Innovate Durban Idea World Cup.pdf
Replacement of existing Old Order Planning Regulations and subsequent adoption of New Land Use Schemes.pdf
Amendment of Period and Value of Performance.pdf
2016-2017 Revision of Tariffs of charges - Various Matters (7-6-1-6).pdf
Draft spatial development framework (SDF) 2016-2017.pdf
Proposed sale of Portion 1 of Erf 260 Umhlanga Rocks.pdf
Proposed exchange of Portion 62 of Erf 12524 Durban for Portion 113 of Erf 12524 Durban.pdf
Notice of application for amendment of environmental authorisation.pdf
Notice of Amendment To Contract PSC.2009-004.pdf
Extension of contracts WS.6197, WS.6198 and WS.6199.pdf
Draft IDP 2016 – 2017 and performance information.pdf
Business Support, Tourism and Markets Unit.pdf
Advert for informal trading stalls.pdf


 March 2016

Register to vote, 09-10 April 2016.pdf
Notice of Intention to Expropriate.pdf
Notice of amendment to contracts PSC 2013-003 and WS.6674.pdf
Notice of Amendment to Contract No. 1N-8720.pdf
Notice of Amendment to Contract No. 1G 19063.pdf
Notice of Amendment to Contract 1H-10187.pdf
Invitation to SMMEs In Manufacturing Sector to Apply for the Umkhumbane.pdf
Draft Spatial Development framework (SDF) 2016 – 2017.pdf
Advert for Informal Trading Stalls.pdf
Human Rights Day 2016.pdf
CrowdFunding for Development.jpg
Expression of interest (Financial institutions) EThekwini Municipality Access to Finance Program.pdf
Expression of interest (SMMEs) EThekwini Municipality Access to Finance Program.pdf
Draft Spatial Development Framework (SDF) 2016 - 2017.pdf

 February 2016

Proposed deproclamationand sale of port ion of a road area in Kearsney College, Bothas Hill.pdf
Oakford Housing Project Missing Beneficiaries.pdf
Notice to Expropriate Road Servitudes - Postum Road Upgrade - Malagazi, Isipingo.pdf
Notice of intention to expropriate - Section 9.pdf
2015-2016 Revision of tariffs of charges - Various matters (7-6-1-6).pdf
Innovate Durban 2016.pdf
Revision of Tariffs - Various Matters (7-6-1-6).pdf
Notice of Intention to Expropriate.pdf
Notice of Intention to Expropriate Various Portions of Land for Housing Development.pdf
Notice of Amendment to Contracts.pdf
Notice of Amendment to Contract No. WS.6670.pdf
Missing Beneficiaries of Oakford Housing Project Required Urgently.pdf
Invitation to Showcase - Durban Fashion Fair 2016.pdf
EThekwini Annual Report.pdf
Application for Water Use License and Release of IWWMP.pdf

 January 2016

Draft Rates Policy 2016-2017.pdf
Notice of Amendment To Contract E.9129.pdf
North Coast Public Transport Corridor Densification.pdf