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20 Years of Freedom and Democracy
eThekwini Municipality puts drastic measures towards combating COVID-19 spread in the city's open spaces and facilities
​EThekwini Municipality has put tough measures in place to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus (COVID 19) in its public spaces and facilities. This follows the announcement of the National State of Disaster by President Cyril Ramaphosa.

EThekwini Municipality Mayor, Cllr Mxolisi Kaunda has issued a directive that restrictions must be imposed in the following public facilities:

SWIMMING POOLS – all swimming pools will be closed effective immediately for the duration of schooling break and will reopen after Easter.

BEACH BATHING – bathing in all beaches is now prohibited with immediate effect however lifeguards will remain on duty to monitor and ensure safety. Law enforcement will be engaged to monitor those that do not adhere to these measures. The municipality would like to emphasise that beaches are not closed but only swimming is prohibited.

LIBRARIES- All municipal libraries will be closed but the staff will be at work.

COMMUNITY HALLS – all functions will be limited to grouping of less than 100 as per the directive of the Head of State President Cyril Ramaphosa. Events previously planned where more than 100 people were expected have been cancelled.

CEMETRIES – during funerals, community is encouraged to limit the number of mourners to family members only or to restrict the mourners to not more than 50 at the cemetery. Mourners should keep to burial time slots allocated to prevent delays in accessing the cemetery.

MUSEUMS – All museums will be closed to the public, but the staff will be at work.

DURBAN ART GALLERY - number of visitors will be restricted to less than 50 at a time, school bookings will be restricted and only open after the Easter Holiday.

ARTS & LIVING CULTURES all events, cultural or departmental programmes are cancelled indefinitely.

GOSPEL ICONIC DISCOVERY COMPETITION – the 7th Gospel Iconic Discovery competition is now postponed, and new dates will be announced after Easter.

PARKS – Access to parks will be monitored. Weddings and social gatherings are now suspended indefinitely.

EThekwini Mayor Mxolisi Kaunda, has ordered the city management team to be vigilant and ensure that safety measures, including but not limited to hand sanitizer, wet wipes, continuous cleaning of public spaces and educating of public continues in Municipal facilities.

Of the estimated 590 informal settlements (approximately 240 000 families) in eThekwini, 294 (130 000 households) have access to clean running water and washing facilities through the Communal Ablution Blocks which have already been provided.

The Municipality will provide water storage tanks in all informal settlements where no Communal ablution facilities exist. These will be filled by mobile water tankers.

Installation of liquid soap dispensers and hand sanitizer at all communal ablution facilities in informal settlements and transit facilities.

Additional water points will be installed at all 2 200 communal ablution facilities. Consumer Education Teams and Project Liaison Officers will be embarking on awareness campaigns and distribution of posters and pamphlets encouraging preventative measures.

There are 91 people remaining in 4 mass care centers. All facilities have access to water and ablutions. These centres will be provided with soap, sanitisers and education materials.

Hand sanitisers will be provided in the 10 Communal Residential Units (hostels). These will be installed in bathrooms and access points and regularly filled by cleaning staff. There will be ongoing sanitation and cleaning of facilities to ensure hygiene for the 181 000 occupants.

Consumer Education Teams and Project Liaison Officers will be embarking on awareness campaigns and distribution of posters and pamphlets encouraging preventative measures.

Hand sanitisers will be provided at entrances to all rental stock. There will be ongoing sanitation and cleaning of facilities to ensure hygiene.

The Municipality has 25 Taxi Ranks across the City and it has already engaged with stakeholders within the industry to create awareness and bring alignment on measures to prevent the spread of the virus.

The following actions have been planned and some being commissioned;

Public Taxi Ranks - The Taxi Industry is already distributing sanitisers to commuters. The Municipality has improved cleaning of ablution facilities within taxi ranks to include sanitisers and ensuring that they are continuously disinfected.

Buses Operation (Fleet) - The meeting has been held with Bus Operators and consensus reached that they will be procuring and installing hand sanitisers holders in buses. The drivers will receive gloves, masks and individual sanitisers.

The Municipality is installing Jojo tanks and standpipes at Taxi ranks to increase the availability of water. The water war-room that was established a few weeks ago to deal with the challenge of water supply in communities has been instructed to increase the frequency of water supply, particularly in areas where water is supplied by water tankers.

The Markets are still operating, and the public must note that the Bulk Market, Retail Markets and Flea Markets are viewed in a similar manner like the Shopping Malls.

The response plan implemented in conjunction with our Occupational Health and Safety to minimise the transmission of the Virus at the Bulk Market are as follows:
  • Discontinued the implementation of security cards for vehicle entry and exit
  • Introduced gloves at Cashiers – Implementation
  • Commenced the process to acquire sanitising wipes/sprays. Upon receipt hereof, will be used by buyers entering the various sales halls entrances.
  • Agents encouraged to implement various measures within their agencies. Two agents have already introduced sanitisers on the sales floor and the other two agents are in the process of finalising implementation.
  • Appropriate Awareness presentation was conducted by Occupational Health & Safety Unit for both Market and Market Agents staff.
  • Restriction of the number of buyers entering the banking hall
In respect to Informal Trade, the following measures were implemented:
  • Sanitisers introduced at all Informal Trader offices.
  • Staff conducting inspections wear gloves and masks.
In respect to Retail Markets and Flea Markets, sanitisers will be introduced for all staff, the privately managed Flea Markets like Amphitheatre have already purchased and placed hand sanitisers in all washrooms. All stall holders will have one at each stall for themselves and their clients and we are currently communicating with other Flea Markets to follow suite since some of them operate once a week or monthly.

The Municipality will also embark on an intensive community activation programme in all 110 wards through loud hailing and distribution of educational material to curb the spread of the virus. “The lives of our residents will always be our priority and under no circumstances shall we take chances.

The address by our President gave all of us a clear directive and under my stewardship, the city must comply. Failure to do this could result in us having more cases of the infection and would be antithetical to the position taken by our government in this regard. I therefore urge everyone to ensure that these measures are adhered to without fail,” said Kaunda.

The Municipality banking halls and Sizakala centres will remain open, however the City will ensure that high levels of hygiene prevail and the number of people going to the centres will be managed. The Municipality will also like to encourage residents to make use of the electronic systems of payment to pay their accounts where possible.

Customers can access their utility bills here
Alternatively, customers who have enquiries can contact the customer service helpline on 031 324 5000.

Fax Number: 031 324 5111
Office Hours:
Monday to Friday: 07:30 to 16:30
Saturdays: 07:30 to 11:30

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Fire Department & Metro Police:
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Water and Traffic Hotline:
080 131 3013
Electricity Contact Centre:
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