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20 Years of Freedom and Democracy
Waste collection and disposal during the 2nd wave

Cleansing and Solid Waste would like to advise residents of eThekwini that the City remains committed to respond to collection and disposal of domestic refuse. This is a period of solidarity as well as social responsibility and it is during this time that every citizen must realise the importance of waste management.

It is necessary to take the precautionary measures as difficult as it may be in order to emerge stronger as a society. The city calls on all residents to strictly abide by the recent adjusted risk strategy for lockdown level 3:

  • Waste Collection will be as per normal collection schedules
  • All Garden Drop off sites will strictly operate from 07.00 to 14.00 with immediate effect to the 15th January 2021 subject to review thereafter. Residents are encouraged during this time to:
    - Reduce the generation of this waste stream by limiting cutting, pruning etc.
    - Reuse through home scale composting,
  • Residents using any of the waste facilities are kindly required to comply with all COVID protocols as directed by site staff. Remember No mask equals No entry!
  • The operating times for Waste Management facilities’ are as follows:


​Waste Facility  ​Operating Times
​Buffelsdraai Landfill  ​07.00 to 17.00 – Normal Permit Times
​Lovu Landfill  ​07.00 to 16.30 – Normal Permit Times. Note: Closed on Sundays
​Bisasar Landfill   ​07.00 to 17.00
​Mariannhill Landfill  ​07.00 to 17.00
​Shallcross Garden Site  ​07.30 to 16.00
​All Garden Drop Off Sites  ​07.00 to 14.00



  • Residents are reminded to have all personal hygiene and sanitary products double bagged without compressing the waste. In addition to requiring households with COVID-19 positive people or people in mandatory quarantine to take precautionary measures when handling their waste, it is appropriate that all citizens are encouraged to follow instructions on safe handling for collection, in particular:
    - All personal waste (including masks and handkerchiefs) should be collected in a disposable plastic garbage bag (Bag1).
    - When it is about three-quarters full, Bag 1 should be firmly closed, leaving as little air in it as possible.
    - Bag 1 should be placed in a second bag (Bag 2).
    - Bag 2 should not be too full in order to ensure that it can be firmly closed and does not break; the waste should not be pressed with hands to make additional space.
    - People should wash their hands or disinfect them before and after manipulating the waste bags, and in particular directly before and after closing Bag 2;
    - Bag 2 should be firmly closed before being delivered for collection.
    - Pets should be kept away from waste bags.

Remember Cleansing and Solid Waste (DSW) stays at work for you… You stay at home for us – communities are reminded to stay safe and exercise caution during the lockdown. The Unit would like to express its gratitude to the residents of eThekwini for their commitment as this is saluted with a big thank you.

CSW will update the residents of eThekwini on any changes as it unfolds. For any enquiries, please contact the DSW Customer line on 031 311 8804 / 311 8836.


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