Delivered by Her Worship Mayor ZRT GUMEDE, at Durban City on 31 May 2018
City Manager 
Deputy Mayor and EXCO,
CEOs of Ushaka Marine and Durban ICC, 
ANC leadership and alliance, 
Business, (Musa Makhunga and Andrew Kapila) 
Civil society,
Diplomatic corps, 
Special guests,
Members of the public,
Listeners and viewers at home, 
Ladies and gentlemen,
We are humbled to see all of you here and those who are listening and watching from home, streaming live on youtube and facebook. We have also set up some screens for public and some of our guests who are sitting outside. Siyanibingelela nonke, nalapho emnyango.  
Today, is a new day and a new dawn for eThekwini Municipality. We are having our first State of the City Address, indeed we are taking this city, province and nation to greater heights.  
We are eager to experience and be part of the new dawn our new President.  His Excellency, Mr Cyril Ramaphosa indicated during in his State of the Nation Address that “We are one people, committed to work together to find jobs for our youth; to build factories and roads, houses and clinics; to prepare our children for a world of change and progress; to build cities and towns where families may be safe, productive and content. We are determined to build a society defined by decency and integrity, that does not tolerate the plunder of public resources, nor the theft by corporate criminals of the hard-earned savings of ordinary people”. 
We have been mandated by the African National Congress to restore the confidence of the people of eThekwini in a shared vision for radical social and economic transformation. Together we must confront the lack of broad-based economic participation and the social marginalisation of millions of poor and landless people.
The ANC has produced many great sons and daughters who lived lives of extraordinary activism in service to the people of South Africa and Africa.
This year, we celebrate the centenary of the birth of one of the greatest leaders this country, this continent and the world has known – Isithwalandwe Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela and Mama Albertina Sisulu. 
As we do so, we shall reflect on the past year, in which we commemorated the life of his friend and comrade, former President Oliver Reginald Tambo, and the profound impact that that centenary had on every aspect of the political work of the ANC and the Alliance.
We will not celebrate Madiba without mentioning of Mama Winnie Madikizela-Mandela. As we remember her, we say Mama Winnie didn’t die but she multiplied. 
As we celebrate the centenary of the birth of former President Mandela, we must intensify our efforts to realise his vision of a united South Africa in which all live in peace with equal rights and opportunities.
Drawing on the wisdom of Madiba, as a caring city -  we focus all our efforts on improving the lives of our citizens, especially the poor. 
This year, we also celebrate the centenary of the birth of Mama Albertina Nontsikelelo Sisulu, a stalwart of our struggle whom we remember for her strength, compassion and tireless commitment to the people of this country. She was a leader of the ANC, ANC Women’s League, Federation of South African Women and the United Democratic Front. 

Through her remarkable life and outstanding contribution, she defined what it means to be a freedom fighter, a leader and a diligent and disciplined servant of the people.

Ma Sisulu dedicated herself to nurturing and protecting children. She was committed to good quality education, insisting that the youth put education first even during their quest for a democratic, free, non-sexist and non-violent South Africa.
Given the current scourge of violence against women and children, let us be men and women of courage to, we must speak out, seek help and support the vulnerable. 

In this spirit, we call on all particular men of courage to publicly call for an end of violence against women and children, a sure sign of a violence free and caring society that Ma Sisulu dreamt of.  
Sithi sekwanele ukubulawa nokuhlukunyezwa kwabesifazane. Akuphele ukubulawa. In celebrating Mama Sisulu we will have number of campaigns in partnership with our communities to say – Sekwanele. Akuphele ukubulawa nokuhlukunyezwa kwabantwana bethu, ogogo bethu kanyenamantombazane ethu. Egameni likaMama Sisulu  - sithi Izigora, Osikaqakaqa, Amabhoklolo, amaBlesser, nemigulukudu – abehlukane nezingane zethu. Our men and women of integrity must say like the late Hugh Masikela – when he said Thuma Mina ngiyovikela abantwana nababuthaka. 
To demonstrate our commitment to address all forms of violence, including sexual harassment and trafficking against women and girls in line with the Sustainable Development Goal 5, African Mayors under my leadership as the Chair of AFUS resolved that in our next forum we will focus on Women Safety in Cities. 
This will be an opportune time to share lessons and approaches to address violence against women. It is my belief that safe cities for women are safe cities for all.
I will soon share with all of you our plans and preparations for the coming Learning Exchange Programme including build-up campaigns. 
Hon Speaker, in the name of Mme Albertina Sisulu and Madiba, we will continue with our fight against crime and corruption. Criminals, organised and amaPhara must know that Durban will no longer tolerate any criminal elements. We will push them out of the city towards the dark prison cells. We are reclaiming our streets and our town. Our kids, especially our girls must walk without fear of being raped or robbed in our streets. We will also not allow people to throw stones over the bridges. We are guiding every bridge to ensure the safety of our road users. Police have arrested some of the criminals and they’ve promised to make more arrests, hopefully followed by successful convictions. 
We are cleaning our inner city and it’s going to be difficult to body corporates, tenants, traders both formal and informal who are disobeying our rules. We are removing all the illegal signs and billboards, clearing crime and grime. We already have demonstrated in Isipingo. We also commit that this is going to happen across the city and in all the towns from Pinetown to Tongaat. 
We are going to close down all the bad buildings, we will condemn them and we are willing to expropriate them without compensation. We will turn all these buildings into social housing, AFFORDABLE AND GAP HOUSING, students’ residents, business or commercial usage and hotels. 

In all our efforts to promote a safer city for all, we accept that development of a Safer City is a collective responsibility for both state and non-state actors. It is for this reason that we are unshaken on our all-of-society approaches. We equally accept that safety is a prerequisite and outcome of sustainable development as outlined in our 2030 vision of being the most caring and liveable city in the African continent. 
Hon Speaker, we are not only going to be fighting criminals but we will deal harshly with corruption. When we deal with corruption, we will name and shame all those who steal from the poor. We will not name and shame people on the basis of allegations. We will do it through legal actions not newspapers and fake social media accounts. Angeke sihlambalaze abantu ezinkundleni nasemisakazweni, sizoya ezinkantalo kube izona ezithatha izinqumo. 
We are prepared to fight corruption wherever it raises its ugly head. We welcome investigations and audit by credible institutions. Again we would like to publicly condemn the intimidation of Auditor General personnel. The MEC of COGTA, Nomusa Dube-Ncube is handling the matter. 
We have a clear mandate from the ANC of fighting crime and corruption in the public sector. We are protecting the public resources. Asidli – siyasebenza, silwa nenkohlakalo. 
We have institutional mechanisms such as the City Integrity and Investigation Unit (CIIU), the Municipal Public Accounts Committee (MPAC), The Ethics committee, and an independent Audit Committee which are in place to provide oversight of financial management and integrity of the municipality. Legislation such as the Municipal Finance Management Act (MFMA) also applies and provides guidance. Sinamakomidi Kanye nemithetho esilawulayo mayelana nokugada ukustshenziswa ngendlela kwezimali zikahulumeni.
Anyone who transgresses good business principles with the City, be it a member of the Executive, an ordinary Councillor, any member of our staff or private companies trading with the City, will be dealt with by the full force of the law. The City Investigations Unit has completed 326 investigations over the last financial year.

This ANC led Municipality has adopted a zero tolerance stance to all forms of corruption, fraud and maladministration and have established numerous measures to prevent fraud and corruption in the city structures. These include the Municipal Public Accounts committee and an Independent Audit Committee. A new Disciplinary committee and a black listing committee has also been formed to deter fraud and corruption. Already we have blacklisted 42 companies. Asitatazeli, we are following the proper channels. 
- Sesibophe abantu abadayisa izindlu zeRDP, sithi azidayiswa izindlu zomxhaso ningazithengi 
- Sibophe abasebenzi ababili abakade bedayisa umsebenzi bethembisa abantu umsebenzi kaMasipala bebagwazisa, 
- Sabopha abanye abakade benamaPaySlip omkokotelo bekade bezama ukuthenga izimoto ngomgunyathi 
- Sabopha abanye abakade bedayisa izincwadi zamaKhansela 
- Siphinde sabopha nabantu abadayisa oPlastic badoti
- Abanye bayashiya sisabaphenya ngoba silwisana nenkohlakalo 
Sithi umphakathi mawubike inkohlakalo. We have all the mechanism to protect all the whistle blowers. Sonke kumele sithi - ThumaMina ukuyolwisana nenkohlakalo, lets report this to proper institutions.  


We are also pleased to announce that eThekwini Municipality has again received an unqualified audit and the municipal entities, Durban ICC and Ushaka Marine World have both received clean audit outcomes for the 2016/17 financial year. What is exciting is that ICC and UShaka Marine are led by our women, we are encouraged and more confident that our women are excelling in their deployments. 

The AG report reflected that the number of findings was significantly reduced by 60 % with no major or material issues. We have implemented a zero-tolerance approach to non-compliance and an intense focus and commitment towards good governance.

Hon Speaker, our city has been rated as the most liveable city in South Africa. We are ahead of Cape Town and City of Johannesburg. People find our city, our environment, and people friendly and warm. On the same week, Durban was also named by Brand SA, as the most improved image. 
We are on the right track, we are positive and optimistic about our today and tomorrow. We believe that it possible that in the year of President Nelson Mandela. Lastly, the rating agencies known as Global Credit Ratings - a review was conducted and resulted in an upgrade of the Municipality’s Long-term national scale credit rating by one notch from AA to AA+.  This means we are not about to hit any Junk state; Durban is above JUNK status. On top of that our Chief Financial Officer – Dr Krish Kumar has received an award of being the best CFO in South Africa. On top of that we received another award for leading in Employment Equity and Gender Equity.    
The long-term challenges facing the country include the creation of a stronger, more inclusive and more resilient economy. Similar to the national projections, the KZN economic outlook is also on an upward trajectory but expected to grow by 1.2% and 1.3% in 2018 and 2019, respectively. 

The key sectors contributing to KZN’s economy, particularly in job creation and poverty alleviation, are: manufacturing, construction, transport, finance, tourism and others. The turnaround in the economies of our trading partners will benefit KZN, since we contribute meaningfully to the South African GDP. 

The budget we are tabling is set against the backdrop of slow economic growth where tough choices had to be made to achieve the development outcomes for the city. Economic challenges will continue to pressurise municipal revenue generation and collections in 2018/19, hence a conservative approach has been adopted when projecting expected revenues and receipts.
According to report by StatsSA, our City’s quarterly unemployment rate decreased to 21.9% during the 4th quarter of 2017 after 23.3% in the 3rd quarter. Approximately 1,9 million people were living below the poverty line in 2017 in the eThekwini Metropolitan area. We need to work hard   

The year 2018 has therefore been declared as ‘100 YEARS OF NELSON MANDELA: THE YEAR OF RENEWAL, UNITY AND JOBS.’
Speaking back in 1991, President Mandela said – “The economy of this country always has and will continue to remain central to our struggle for national liberation. On the one hand the black majority is desperately fighting to redress historical injustices and present inequalities and on the other hand the white minority government is using every means at its disposal to maintain economic power in the hands of the whites and big business in particular.” 
Our generational mission as the Metro of the ANC, is to radically empower our people and to redress imbalances of the past. 
Our struggle will be in vain if we do not address our economy. We must not behave as if we are not aware of our realities. The economy of this city is not in the hands of our people. It is a fact that Whites and Indians are controlling the economy of our city including foreign nationals. 
We need to create opportunities for our people through agricultural flagship project known as RASET, our radical economic transformation and also grow our rural and township economy. 

There is no need for violence, intimidation, corruption and emotions to transform the economy. We need to be united and agree to change and also agree to share – the cake is too big. Awuphele umona. Big business must learn to share with small business and local business, they must also mentor them. It should not be about BEE scores and compliance but it must be based on understanding our revolutionary cause and understanding goals of the NDP. 

This however doesn’t give right to small business to stop and intimidate projects. This is bad for our image and investment portfolio. Big business is willing to share but there must be proper engagements. Police will no longer tolerate disruption and lawlessness in the city and KZN province as whole. Our police have begun to say – Thuma Mina to deal with crime.  
Our duty as the government of the people and responsive ANC led city, is to create a conducive environment for investors. We must create an environment for business to thrive in order to create the much needed jobs. Government alone cannot create jobs.   
We are proud to present to you today our balanced and fully funded budget which will ensure delivery in terms of the needs identified in our IDP, as well as ensure the financial viability and sustainability of the Municipality. We have ensured that there is a good balance between economic, social and rehabilitation expenditure. The total budget is R45.8 billion and is made up of an operating budget of R38.7 billion and a capital budget of R7.1 billion. 

Despite increasingly challenging circumstances, service delivery will continue to be sustained through this budget by reprioritising expenditure to ensure key objectives are achieved. Provisions in this medium term budget continue to support government’s commitment to broadening service delivery and expanding investment in infrastructure. 

This budget has been developed to contribute to the municipality achieving the strategic objectives of the IDP. The 2018/2019 MTREF is informed by the municipality’s long -term financial strategy with emphasis on affordability and long-term sustainability. 
Residential Properties valued up to R 230 000 will be exempt from paying rates. All other properties valued above R 230 000, the first R 120 000 no rates charged
Pensioners, child-headed households, disability grantees and the medically boarded. In addition to the above, a rebate not exceeding R 4 364 has been approved 
Water: The first 6kl of water is free to households with property values under R250 000.
Electricity: The first 50kwh of electricity is free to residents using less than 150kwh per month in Eskom reticulated areas. The first 65kwh of electricity is free to residents using less than 150kwh per month in eThekwini reticulated areas. 
The tariff increases are as follows: 
Property Rates will increase by – 6.9%, Electricity will increase by - 6.84% whilst the Eskom increases 7.32%. 
Water – 15% for domestic and 15.5% for business whilst the Umgeni Water Board increase was 13.7%, Refuse and Sanitation – 9.9%

National Treasury have undertaken a benchmarking exercise of cities. The results show that of the big Metros, eThekwini has the lowest monthly bill for middle income households. 
As regards households living in affordable housing, the results also show that despite Ethekwini tariff increases being over CPI, the monthly bill is once again the lowest. 
There was no comparison of high income households, but we expect a similar trend.         
The main driving costs relate to Bulk Purchases of water and electricity which make up R11.2 billion or 32.9% of the operating budget, staff related costs which totals R10.4 billion or 30.5%, and contracted services which make up R5.08 billion or 14.9% of the operating budget. These 3 costs make up almost 80% of the budget. 
Unfortunately, we have little control over the bulk purchase costs and salary related costs as these are determined outside of the Municipality. NERSA and Eskom determine the electricity increase, Umgeni Water Board determines the water increase and SALGA with the labour unions determine the salary increase.   

We are committed to reducing costs and ensuring value for money for our ratepayers. Some of the initiatives relate to:
Utilisation of vehicles being closely monitored. Under-utlised vehicles being removed and pooled. Unauthorised also use being monitored.
Cost benefit analysis being done in terms of lease vs purchase, as well as repair versus replacement 
Fuel, overtime, security costs, catering, consultant costs are some of the costs that are closely monitored
Benchmarking of costs undertaken by Management Services. SABS standards also being used. 
Productivity analysis to include value for money and staff redeployment.
All travel being closely monitored – approval by City Manager
We are cutting catering costs and T-shirts budget 
Total revenue is R38.7 billion. The major sources of revenue are as follows:
R13.1 billion or 34% from Electricity
R9.2 billion or 24% from Grants and Subsidies
R7.4 billion or 19% from Property Rates
R4.4 billion or 11.4% from Water
These 4 sources of income make up 88.4% of the total revenue. The Municipality is committed to maintaining our excellent cash collection rate and liquidity. We have a strategy in place to maximise collections and ensure revenue completeness.
This budget has a key focus on job creation – because 2018 is dedicated to jobs, unity and renewal. We have several programmes, including the EPWP, which focus on vulnerable groups, especially women, youth and the disabled. We also have several catalytic projects, in particular the Go Durban project, which will create corridors with nodal development, mixed use and densification.
We are committed in job creation. We will be able to achieve that by working with private and public sector. As the city we have created work opportunities 
About 200 Metro Police new recruits will be starting on the 1st of June. We hope they’ll respect their jobs and stop playing WhatsApp during working hours.  
We have trained about 1389 plumbing contractors to undertake water related services. 
1500 caretakers employed at Ablution Facilities - a further 50 to be employed 
366 Community Based Contractors employing about 1770 people for Refuse Removal services
13 graduate engineers employed under the Water mentorship program 
140 Community Based Contractors utilised in the roll out of rural water and sanitation projects
EPWP Grant is R75.3m – Work opportunities estimated at 25 855
Zibambele Poverty Alleviation (R95.2m) – over 6500 jobs created.
Sihlanzimvelo Stream Cleaning (R38.5m) - over 500 jobs created
R107.8m on various youth skills development programs
85 Community Gardens. Provided R33.6m but is expected to increase once planning for the Agripark is completed
Vulnerable groups R22m provided

We are continuing with attracting big business into the city and making Durban an investment destination. We are working with big business and we have about 25 catalytic projects. The projects are poised for a major boost with several catalytic project which will create investment and employment and business opportunities. We recently did a sod turning ceremony at the Point Waterfront promenade. 

The R300 million Beachfront promenade extension is a catalyst to the R35 billion Point Waterfront development to be undertaken in three phases over five to ten years. This project will unlock R35 billion development, R200 million annual rates revenue, 11 000 jobs and about 7000 permanent jobs.
A key project is our Go Durban! Project. This will provide our people with cheaper, greener, more reliable and faster means of transport, and thus improve their quality of life. In addition, we see the project as stimulating nodal development and densification with mixed use leading to more economic development and job creation which will help address unemployment and inequality. Most importantly, it will help address the apartheid era spatial planning of the City that we have inherited. The project has a total Investment value of R63 billion and will create 17 335 construction jobs and 1 659 permanent jobs. 
Other projects include, just to mention the few others:  
- Cornubia: it already has started, when it is completed the entire development will create 48,000 permanent jobs.
- Illovu Auto Supplier Park-  this R6,5billion project will create 6,000 constructions and 2,600 permanent jobs
- Clairwood Logistic Park – work has started 
- Other areas like Suncoast Casino, Umhlanga, Keystone, are progressing very well. We will be making more  
We are going ahead with our radical economic transformation programme. The on radical socio-economic transformation was a non-negotiable prerequisite for achieving a national democratic society – NDR. MEC Zikalala uyichaze ngokuthi - “Sikhulisa Umnotho, siwubuyisela ebantwini.”
We will unbundle the opportunities for the benefit of local contractors, black professionals and black business in general and Africans in particular. We must all work together for the success of this programme. We will be building capacitating small business through our incubation programme. We have identified those areas that will be lucrative for the economic transformation. We have set aside R5million for this incubation project. 
We are also reviewing the City’s Economic Growth and Job-creation Strategy this year where we will devise creative ways in which to promote Durban as an ideal investor location for businesses – one of the relevant projects here relate to the Industrialization Revitalization Strategy as well as a study on the cost and ease of doing business.  These initiatives are supported and guided by the City’s Spatial Development Framework. This Development Framework guides the spatial distribution of land uses in the municipality and gives tangible effect to our spatial vision by directing where the city should intervene to achieve our economic development and transformational objectives. 
DUMISANI MAKHAYE highway is one example where we have opened a billion road project that will unlock development, economic opportunities for the people of the affected areas and the entire city. We are doing away with apartheid planning that separated our people through such development. This road is one of the major investment by the government totalling more than R1.3 billion. 
The DUMISANI MAKHAYE HIGHWAY makes a huge contribution to the socio-political and economic transformation objectives, including job creation, participation of small and emerging African and local contractors; as well as the training and skills development for young people through participation in learnership programmes 
Since the adoption of the RASET programme by Council on the 20th June 2016 which is about 24 months ago. The municipality has gone a long way in reigniting the agribusiness sector within the city with a special focus to the small scale farmers and small processing companies. 
In Support of small farmers, we have procured about 6 tractors to support the more than 400 small scale farmers in an around eThekwini. Sifaka ogandaganda bangempela hhayi laba beKwaito neQgomu music. 
The municipality owned tractors are also supplemented by the use of local small scale contractors who provide mechanization services on behalf of the municipality. 
We have facilitated the farming and ploughing of more than 234 hectares of small scale farmers, this is a sum of just above 150 famers who have received mechanisation support and experienced an increase in their production yields.
About 30 cooperatives have received infrastructure support related to Fencing and Irrigation, the construction of this infrastructure is currently ongoing. Areas such as Umzinyathi, Cottonlands, uMbumbulu, KwaDabeka, KwaMashu, Inanda, Zwelibomvu, Waterloo and Newlands. 
As of February 2018 the municipality assumed ownership of the Rainbow chicken farm based in Cato Ridge. To date the municipality has been busy with Securing the site, Infrastructure and renovations assessment and Maintenance of the yards. 
More than 500 farmers attended the Launch of the RASET programme and Mechanisation held in Ottawa March 2018. Various opportunities were shared with the farmers including the production of Rabbits. These are the niche markets that the municipality is keen to support.

We are moving forward with all the projects we have announced for township development. Yesterday we were in Umlazi doing a SOD turning on Sbusiso Mdakane road next to kwaMax and on Friday we are going back to do another SOD turning at Umlazi Station for another mall. 
There will be a number of developments from Umlazi, KwaMashu, kwaMakhutha, Mpumalanga, Inanda, Intuzuma, Clermont and including other townships. 
We are bringing all services closer to the people, creating an environment that will make township business to thrive. There will be more jobs created in townships and through our infrastructural investment like road, electricity, fibre and water. We are turning our townships to become a New Jerusalem away from apartheid Jericho status.  
In addition to that our Planning Unit continues to undertake short, medium to long term plans in order to facilitate new investment, redevelopment of land as well as regulation of the built environment. In the current financial year, the following plans will be completed and adopted by Council: 
Spatial Development Framework 18/19 Review
Ward 105 Local Area Plan
Cato Ridge Local Area Plan review
Nsimbini –Golokodo Functional Area Plan and Land Use Management Scheme
Central Densification implementation pilot projects i.e Bonella, Pinetown and Chatsworth
Student accommodation Precinct Plan - 
Mpumalanga Northern Functional Area Plan and land Use Management Scheme

In addition, we have witnessed successful implementation of the Spatial Planning & Land Use Management Bylaw which will catalyse further reforms in the City’s Planning system.

EThekwini has always been a popular tourist destination for domestic and international tourists.  Over the years we have hosted many significant world events that has helped to put Durban on the global travel market.  This year we hosted the Africa Travel Tourism (formerly known as Tourism Indaba) where we once again played host to the world.  The future bodes well for our tourism market following the decision by British Airways to introduce direct, non-stop flights between London’s Heathrow Airport and King Shaka International Airport from October this year.  

The budget also focuses of taking our city forward and on helping to make us a smart and future city.  
As a city we are committed to the triple bottom line, and in particular, environmental sustainability. We are committed to reducing our carbon footprint and meeting the Paris Agreement targets.  We are currently rolling out a pilot in respect of electric buses.  We have several projects to ensure environmental sustainability which relate, inter alia, to, energy efficiency, retrofitting buildings, water sustainability, food security, alternate sources of energy, health, biodiversity, etc. 
We are clearly a leader in South Africa and Africa in terms of going green and reducing our carbon footprint. We are committed to building a green economy and addressing climate change. Ultimately, we want to uplift the quality of life of our people socially, environmentally and economically.   

The implementation of The Integrated Public Transport system, catalytic projects together with the Built Environment Performance Plan will assist in spatially transforming the city.  The City is committed to revitalizing the inner city through our Inner City Regeneration Plan which aims to attract business back into the city centre. 
Our plan has already received an international recognition and our duty is to fully implement. We are cleaning crime and grime; we are taking the city back from criminals. We want to bring back our people, visitors, business, students and tourists back to the inner city. We have set aside a budget for it and we will have a ZERO tolerance approach. 

I would like to give feedback and also make some announcements: 
One Number – We have launched a single number. Instead of memorising many numbers. This new platform of accessing the contact centres is Toll-Free to both landlines and cell phones and ultimately means that instead if remembering 5 different numbers, the citizen will need to know one number that will link them to municipal services. 
Mayoral Hotline – We have also launched the Mayoral Hotline in February which is in my office. The line deals with escalated queries. We have received more than 400 cases ranging from complaint of service delivery, business proposals and some even asking for appointments to meet the Mayor for personal. As a mother and a leader, I will make time but I will also delegate to councillors and officials when I am not available. 
Statue of President OR Tambo & NR Mandela – we have already started the procurement process. Our call is for local artist – this is part of radical economic transformation agenda. 
Rebranding - We have established a committee that is composed of the affected departments. We hope to unveil our new LOGO before the end of this year. I am urging all those in creative space and school kids to start thinking about a design of our LOGO and new image.  
Smart City – In terms of smart city initiatives, we have embraced the 4th Industrial Revolution and invested in information systems and digital technology. This includes projects, such as, public WiFi, oblique photography, Go-Durban related technology, an eProcurement system, initiatives to automate processes moving into a paperless/green environment, one number for call centres, eServices - city services through the web, FEWS – flood early warning system, etc.  We certainly appreciate that we need to be smart and innovative, but that we also prioritize projects to ensure ratepayers get bang for their buck.
Hon Speaker, 
We have increased our Free Wifi hotspot to 90 and by the end of this year we will be sitting at 140. The total number of unique devices registered has grown from 120 000 to over 600 000. Feedback from the some of the users from eMlazi, KwaMashu, Inanda and on social media indicates that: 
The availability of free Wi-Fi has improved access to information, it has allowed residents to apply for jobs online 
It has allowed students to focus on improving their studies through online research without the financial strain
SMME’s are able to do business transactions without leaving the township
It has promoted the use of municipal facilities where free Wi-Fi is provided such as parks, libraries and sporting fields. 
We are also installing smart metering at water and electricity. We have already started with our electricity department; this is good news for our consumers. We will have formal launch when we roll out the programme in full. 
Invest Durban – We have launched an invest Durban department, to make a “step-change” in eThekwini’s attraction and retention of significant new investment, for the benefit of ALL. We will be going to London to engage more investors and other countries or cities in future. I will soon be announcing TEAM DURBAN soon– that will advise me on numerous things as a Mayor. 
Moja Cruise – we will be giving incentives to taxi drivers and owners who are respecting our rules. We will official launch this pilot project this year. Our aim is to transform the PUBLIC TRASPORT industry for the benefit of our public. Also to empower and transform the mini bus operators so that we respond to the stigmatisation associated with the operations. 
Title Deeds – We have initiated and driven a program of issuing of title deeds, through the collaboration with national and provincial government. This has seen over 2 months the distribution of over 300 title deeds for houses built. This program is about dignity of our people. 
SERVICE DELIVERY – we are committed in service delivery because this is what people and our ratepayers are expecting us to do. We were able to achieve despite the challenges. 
- We have built about 3000 houses, 
- We have connected about 1700 new water connections
- About 10 000 electricity connections including rural and informal settlements, siyaqeda ngezinyokanyoka. 
- About 17km on access roads, sidewalks and gravel surfacing have been completed  

We have had our fair share of challenges and we believe that we will be able to eventually prosper. 
As Amilcar Cabral once said – “Hide nothing from the masses of our people. Tell no lies. Expose lies whenever they are told. Mask no difficulties, mistakes, failures.  Claim no easy victories.”
Project stoppages – this is a serious challenge; we have been forums that are stopping work in the city. Some of these business forums are receiving information from our officials, project managers and even the main contractor. They are colluding to change their pricing range but we welcome the efforts by the office of the Premier to deal with this matter politically and legally. 

Rapid Urbanisation – Due to unemployment, more people are moving into Durban which is the only metro in KZN. Some come from other ACROSS THE BORDERS of countries in Asia, Southern Africa like Mozambique and Lesotho and statistically there is an indication that relocations to Durban is mainly from Eastern Cape and within the KZN province this result is a huge strain on the capacity of our services and also increased our service delivery backlog. this has affected areas like; Umkhumbane, Amaoti and Malukazi. these are some of the areas that are affected by TB and other diseases due to poor social conditions. we are working with national government and province in responding to such matters affecting people health but also aligning city’s and provincial social infrastructure delivery programs to increase capacity to deal with such. 

RMS Billing System - we have a challenge with people getting higher bills and unable to pay. We are really concerned as a result, we are investigating the system and also going out and having roadshows over weekends. We will also be introducing a new debt collection system known as 80/20. If you owe us electricity we will install a prepaid meter and allow you pay us in instalment. We will announce soon with more details.  

Climate Change – the issue of climate change is affecting us. Last year in October we experienced a biggest disaster which destroyed our properties, eroded soil and we lost many lives. The areas that were mostly affected were the areas in the South. We have set aside about R8million which will assist us with research and strategies. We urge communities not to build houses in floodplains and next to streams, don’t throw litter anywhere this affect our environment.  

Land invasion – People are invading private and public land. Some of the land have been earmarked for serious projects. We reiterate our position that land invasion is against development. We condemn land invasion, land grabs and land occupation.  

Budget presentations were made at the 8 main regions of the municipality as well as to other organisations including civic and religious organisations, Amakhosi and the Durban Chamber of Commerce and Industry (DCCI).

All questions/issues raised by the public were recorded together with the responses made by councillors and officials. The issues raised by the community and responses made during these hearings are being covered in separate detailed reports to be submitted to the various standing committees and Council. Furthermore, the issues raised are being forwarded to the appropriate departments for comment and action. Thereafter the various courses of action taken by the responsible departments will be tracked on a monthly basis.
The following are summarised common issues raised by the communities:

HOUSING: People have requested for housing in most regions. Housing projects started but not completed. Certain houses were sub-standard and in a poor state of repair. RDP houses being sold/rented. Certain houses were destroyed by natural disaster and still not yet repaired. Some RDP houses have no electricity, water and sanitation. People have complained about situation in all Transit camps. 
For over 20 years the city has delivered houses but we acknowldged that the finalisation of permanent tenure has drastically lacked behind due to many reason within and outside our control. 

ROADS, TRAFFIC CALMING AND BRIDGES: People have spoken, bathi abantu badinga amaBridge, speed humps and sidewalks. The units must now undertake a thorough assessments and respond to key safety impact raised by our people with urgency.
ELECTRICITY: Our people have requested for electricity service connections by some residents, streetlights, outages like in Mbumbulu, Illegal electricity connections resulted in deaths. 

WATER: The issue of water leaks and burst pipes not being attended to timeously. Concern over the condition of the dam at Umnini. Request for water reservoirs like KwaNdengezi, Wastage of water when using standpipes.

SAFETY AND SECURITY: People have requested for Police station and police visibility. People have spoken – nathi sizwile sizokhulumisana nabakhulu abafana noMEC Mxolisi Kaunda.  

SANITATION: People have requested for ablution facilities, toilet blockages are not fixed on time, VIP toilets not cleaned for a long time in some areas. Ablution blocks in a certain area not in use and being damaged – no water.

PARKS, RECREATION, CEMETERIES AND CULTURE: People have requested for community halls, grass cutting and tree felling requested in certain areas. Our youth are requesting for New libraries, youth centres, crèches and sporting facilities. Namabandla acele izindawo zokukhonzela  

HEALTH & ENVIRONMENT: Abantu bakhale kakhulu ngokushoda ngezibhedlila nemitholampilo, omahamba nendlwane,nokunyuswa kwezikhathi zokusebenza kwemitholaMpilo – phecelezi working hours.  

CLEANSING AND SOLID WASTE: People have also raised the issue of waste collection and illegal dumping.  

SKILLS, JOB CREATION AND YOUTH DEVELOPMENT: Our youth have requested for skills and youth development programmes, vulnerable groups and women empowerment programs. Local people are not getting employment opportunities for projects being implemented in their wards. They said we need to drop the experience requirement for entry posts. 
AMAKHOSI – Ondabezitha have requested that we meet atleast once a month to consider issues that comes from Councils. We have sent that request to the office of the Speaker and Chief Whip and he will advise. Sinizwile bondabezitha nikhuluma ngodaba lwentuthuko, olomhlaba kanyeNenqalasizinda ezindaweni zamakhosi ikakhulukazi udaba lukaGesi namanzi. Sizokwakha isakhiwo seABM esizobhekana nqo naloludaba 

GENERAL: Zikhona nezinye izindaba ezifana noSoup Kitchen, land invasion, Business Hub project yakwaMakhutha, izindlu zaseSobonakhona, abanye bakhononda ngamaKhansela. Sinizwile futhi sizoniphendula. 

Thank you for participating and attending budget roadshows. This is an important process and people make demands after we have adopted budget because they don’t attend these hearings. 
To address some of the issues raised, firstly I will establish a Mayoral Prioritisation Committee that will look into prioritising issues and projects. The committee will align our Manifesto and IDP or Budget. Lelikomidi lizoqinisekisa ukuthi imali yamaBlocksum isetshenziselwa ukulungisa izinto ezishiwo umphakathi kusukela eWardini kuyaphezulu. 
In this budget there are blocksums totalling approximately R4 billion over the MTREF period, which covers Electricity, Water, Sanitation, Solid Waste, Roads, Housing Interim Services, Health, ETA, Parks and Recreation.
Furthermore, zonal blocksums of approximately R1billion over the MTREF period have been set aside for ward priorities. This will be used to address concerns relating to pedestrian bridges, traffic calming measures, health hazards, sidewalks, passages and other critical issues, especially in under developed areas and will be prioritized taking into account the areas with the most need. 

The municipality will communicate with the Provincial Authorities, where requests were made for schools, hospitals and other projects that are provincial competencies. 
Furthermore, in view of the number of comments received in respect of the condition and maintenance of provincial roads within the municipal boundaries, the municipality will initiate a process of engagement with the Provincial Department of Transport in this regard.
We are also grateful of the support we have been receiving from our Premier, Willies Mchunu and our regional champion MEC Nomusa Dube-Ncube. We also appreciate the support we have received from our President, His Excellency, Cyril Ramaphosa and Minister of COGTA, Dr Zweli Mkhize. We are one, united government who is committed to service delivery. We are responding to the call of Thuma Mina and Renewal. 

We are capacitating the Youth Office and we have drastically increased their budget. Our youth office is doing visible and good programs which is targeting all stakeholders across the board. We will continue to support our young people. Our future leaders.  
We will be launching our Youth Month projects. We are looking into the issue of Youth Unemployment and we had a successful Career EXPO and Youth Indaba at the ICC. The event was organised by ICC and us, including Independent Media group. It was attended by almost 17000 young people. 
We have assisted more than 10 000 youth on our training and skills programme such as internship, artisan and plumbers, graduate work experience, learnerships, undergraduate programme. We have spent over R200 million. We are preparing youth for employment through giving them work skills. We are in skills revolution. 
In the main, we want to create a conducive environment for our youth, children, school children so that they can grow to fully realise their dream. We want our youth to choose Durban as the city for study, work, growing and raising their children when they are old. 

I would like to thank our Treasury team for producing a balanced and credible budget that we all can proud of. We cannot do everything we want within a budget, but believe we have our priorities right and there is a good balance between social, economic and rehabilitative spends. 
I would also like to thank my office, the office of the Speaker, Secretariat and the team that ensured that we hold successful Izimbizo and State of the City Address. Siyabonga City Manager, DCMs, CEOs of our entities, my ANC leadership, my family and everyone who is here today. 
National Treasury have assessed the budget and had this to say and I quote, “The budget is therefore credible, reliable, funded and sustainable over the MTREF in terms of Section 18 of the MFMA.” Unquote. 
As we are celebrating the centenary of Tata Madiba and Mama Albertina Sisulu in 2018, I want to conclude with these inspiring words from Tata Madiba’s words and hopefully inspire you in terms of business’s corporate social responsibility to our local communities. 
I quote, “A fundamental concern for others in our individual and community lives would go a long way in making the world the better place we so passionately dreamt of.”
Asinanzondo, asinamona, sithunyiwe uKhongolose futhi siyawudumisa umphakathi wethu. 
I thank you