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20 Years of Freedom and Democracy
Printing machine promotes excellence
Printing operator Melanie Van Wyl works on a new printer,
the first of its kind in South Africa, which can print 250 copies
a minute.
EThekwini Municipality is the first organisation in the country to own a specialised printing machine that will increase workers efficiency while reducing outsourcing printing costs.

AS ETHEKWINI Municipality continues to implement austerity measures to ensure good fiscal management, the acquisition of a specialised printing machine is a step towards this goal.

The Konica Minolta BizHub Press 2250P, housed in the printing department at the Durban City Hall, is the first of its kind in the country. The sleek, grey machine is unassuming, standing amongst the various other printers in the printing room. But this particular machine can do what the other machines cannot.

It can impressively copy and print 250 copies a minute and has the capacity to print up to six million copies a month if needed and will greatly reduce the cost of outsourcing documents required by the City for officials to efficiently function and carry out their duties. Acting Deputy Head of the Supply Chain Management (SCM) Unit Nicholas Mkhize said the SCM Operations Department was part of
the procurement of the machine.

He said acquiring the specialised machine is part of a three-year tender contract the City has with Konica Minolta to supply over 1 300 machines in Municipal buildings across the City. “This machine will assist as a lot of printing is outsourced which costs the City money. We aim to reduce that by using this machine efficiently and doing more of that work internally.

PrintingMachine1.jpg PrintingMachine2.jpg
LEFT- Acting Deputy Head of the Supply Chain Management Unit Nicholas Mkhize, Printing Manager Sandile Mthethwa, Brendon Shepherd, Account Manager at Konica Minolta, Project Executive Kavin Narainsamy and Branch Manager for Konica Minolta Ashwin Ramlall in front of the new printing machine. BOTTOM RIGHT: Printing operator Andre Stevens works on a 150 year Heidelberg Kor which is still going strong.
The printing room is planning to expand to handle the amount of work. This machine offers a complete print solution. It is really a unique device suited to industrial printing. You won’t find it anywhere else in the country,” he said. Mkhize said they wanted the best machine to achieve efficiency as well as to improve and increase the output of printing while meeting deadlines. “Previously you had to wait a while for a printing job to be done. I have to thank the Head of SCM Andre Peterson and by extension the Chief Financial Officer Dr Krish Kumar for supporting us to achieve this goal,” he said. He said they have plans to acquire a second machine in to further reduce costs.

Demonstrating how the machine works, Melanie Van Wyl, a printing operator, said you start by scanning the document you want to print to a computer. “From there, according to what the document requires such as printing double sided, if there will be coloured pages dividing the sections and how many staples the document must have, you then send it from the computer to the machine.

It comes up on the job list of the machine and then from there it starts printing at such a pace that the other printing machines cannot keep up. It is very quick and easy,” she said. Meanwhile, another piece of history is nestled in the printing room - a 150 yearold Heidelberg Kor which is still going strong.  

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