Project Enza

This Mandela Day (18 July, 2017) saw Project Enza, eThekwini Municipality, and the Hilton Hotel, present high school learners from Dr J.L Dube High School, Sivandanda High as well as JG Zuma High the opportunity to experience a taste of what the working world entails through their Passport to Success programme. 

The day’s activities included 67 minute lessons helping young people gain valuable life skills and a little insight and knowledge into presenting oneself for job seeking and the world of work. The lessons also aimed to help the learners create Positive First Impressions when coming into contact with their potential employer. 

Upon arrival, the learners were provided with goodie bags sponsored by Project Enza and the Hilton Hotel. They were then treated to a day of learning, as well as enjoyed a special address by various department heads at the Hilton Hotel as well as Zola Myeza, Gagasi DJ and brand ambassador of Project Enza, a role which she is delighted to be involved in due to her passion for youth development and the tourism space.

Apart from the learners gaining invaluable knowledge, they also enjoyed some exercise, creative work and had the opportunity of meeting people within the hospitality industry who shared some of their knowledge and experience. 

All the students departed with a positive attitude, and expressed gratitude to having had such a unique experience.