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20 Years of Freedom and Democracy
Is your Business Registered on BuyLocal
All local businesses with uniquely Durban products, services, including those that provide unique events and experiences have until 15 November to register on the #BuyLocal database. The campaign is to drive the local economy and ensure that local-based businesses are placed at the forefront of economic development, growth and investment spearheaded by the City’s Economic Development Unit. 

The initiative is part of the City’s Economic Recovery Plan which seeks to ensure that business revenue circulates within the City’s communities and helps keep them afloat.

The Buy Local, Invest Local Campaign has three distinct phases. Phase one is the registration of businesses, phase two will include the verification and selection of businesses that have registered on the database and the final phase will entail the profiling, promotion and marketing of businesses using various platforms.

The campaign calls for all qualifying local businesses fitting within a defined set of criteria to register on the Municipal website.

The registration page will have a set of fields that applicants have to complete, pertaining to the business, such as the business name, name/s of the owner, business location, industry / sector, contact details (tel / cell / email / website address / Facebook etc.). There will also be a dialogue box inviting applicants to briefly describe/motivate why they think their business qualifies as a uniquely Durban business.

The final list of businesses on the database will be used to support, promote and market the qualifying entrants for this campaign in line with the various units/departmental mandates within the Economic Development and Planning Cluster.

The objectives for this campaign are as follows:

1. To inculcate a ‘buy local’ culture in eThekwini,
2. To target businesses with latent or under-exposed ‘local’ flavour,
3. To target, where possible, local business products / services / events / experiences that have been conceptualised and produced within eThekwini,
4. To better coordinate the promotion and marketing of local business products / services / events / experiences,
5. To raise awareness among consumers and in markets for local business products / services / events / experiences,
6. To successfully identify high potential market opportunities for local business products / services / events / experiences,
7. To establish mechanisms for dialogue between local businesses, government and other stakeholders,
8. To ensure the securing and sustaining of local business deals and,
9. To ensure that local emerging businesses are included in the buy local promotion and marketing initiatives.
Qualifying criteria are as follows:

1.  There is no obligation by the Municipality to support applicants received in the call for this campaign and,
2. A verification team will be established to consider applicants for this campaign only if:

(a) the product/service/event/experience offered in terms of the campaign is a demonstrably or proven unique innovative concept,
(b) the product/service/event/experience will be exceptionally beneficial to, or demonstrates exceptional creativity within the City,
(c) the person / business who submits the application is the sole provider / exclusively Durban business of the product/service/event/experience offered within eThekwini and,
(d) the reasons/motivation for qualification by the applicant for entry into this campaign are found to be sound by the final arbiters.
To register go to and click the #BuyLocal tab which open until 15 November.

Enquiries should be sent to Denny Thaver via email: or call 081 038 4986.

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