Corporate GIS has introduced an Oblique Viewer 
on its website, which allows for a unique perspective view of a locality. The Geo-referenced oblique
imagery advances traditional vertical photography by providing a cluster of five cameras pointing North, South, East, West and vertically down to acquire multiple images.

The Corporate GIS Website is Website/internetsite/ with the Oblique Viewer link on the Contents. With the Oblique Viewer one can now view each side of a building, structure or feature. It exposes blind spots, exits and entrances which was previously impossible to locate on vertical photography. Benefits of Oblique include measuring the height, length and area of features directly from photography.

Corporate GIS held an Information Sharing Session at the Springfield Training Centre in February 2017 aimed at creating awareness around the GIS space and to encourage its usage. EThekwini Municipality’s Senior Manager: Information Systems Development & Planning, Buddy Govender said that GIS is an important tool in decision making and trend analysis. “The City has long identified this as a key component in our planning
of the City and implementation thereof. Our GIS systems is always improving and provides a strategic tool for both the public, Councillors and Officials,” said Govender. Govender added that the data that has been collected from the various role players provides for a comprehensive infrastructure dataset that is used to compile maps and presentations to various audiences. “Here at the Development Planning, Environment & Management Unit, we encourage all our staff to use the GIS via our internal services. This has really enabled them to perform various spatial functions using this invaluable resource right from their own desktop computer. 

To the public, via the internet, our GIS Web-Viewer is an extremely userfriendly and informative portal. It is packed with data yet fast and easy to use. A huge step-up from what we previously had and much credit and thanks must go to our Corporate GIS Office,” he added. Geographical Information System (GIS) is a computer-based tool for mapping and analyzing a phenomenon or an event that occurs on earth. It is an innovative tool used by individuals, organizations, schools, governments and businesses.