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20 Years of Freedom and Democracy
City repairs storm damaged infrastructure
​Road repairs in Phila Ndwandwe Road in Isiphingo are
currently underway. This is some of the rehabilitation
work being undertaken by Municipal officials across the
City to repair infrastructural damage which occurred as
a result of a storm that wreaked havoc in eThekwini
Municipality in early October.

IT WILL cost an estimated R576 million across various Municipal departments to repair City infrastructure damaged during the recent storm. The cost break down and work to be undertaken by City departments was outlined in a report tabled at a Full Council meeting on 26 October.

An evaluation of all flood prone areas in the City will also be conducted as a matter of urgency. Engineering related repairs will cost R308 million, Human Settlements requires R250 million, Disaster
Management and Emergency Control R4.1 million, Parks and Recreations R7.7 million, Cleansing and Solid Waste R1.3 million, Electricity R2.6 million and Water and Sanitation R2.3 million. The report also requested that eThekwini Municipality be declared a disaster zone.

Infrastructure in the Parks, Leisure and Cemeteries Department that was damaged includes 20 libraries, 23 pools, 21 halls, three parks, one heritage site, three museums and four sports facilities. Regarding roads and storm water, there were 1 081 faults received of landslides, damaged roads, potholes, missing manhole covers as well as roads washing away and closures. The Architecture Unit together with Coastal and Storm Catchment consolidated a list of all affected Council infrastructure to a total of R308 106 350.

Regarding Human Settlements damage, the report stated that the initial assessment of houses were
954 for informal dwellings, 1 770 Breaking New Ground units, 557 retaining walls, 418 temporary facilities and 489 damaged roofs.

The estimated cost to repair the damaged infrastructure is over R250 million. While the Disaster
Management team has received a number of calls from various wards to conduct physical assessments of damages and to provide the necessary temporary disaster relief measures; assessments are still ongoing. This is due to the volume of incidents reported and limited staff capacity.

Priority will therefore be given to households with major impact as more incidents are still being reported. The report stated that a total of 60 wards were affected with 3 112 households impacted. The majority of which, 2 425 households, were in the south of the City.

The report also listed 13 confirmed fatalities as a result of the storm. Burial assistance has been given to all the families through the Office of the Mayor, including a mass memorial service held for the victims at City Hall on 19 October. The approval of the report grants authority to various units to start planning and rehabilitating infrastructure on a short and long-term basis.

It also authorises the Disaster Management and Emergency Control Unit to conduct an evaluation of all flood prone areas within the City as an emergency and update the Disaster Management Plan accordingly. Acting Deputy City Manager for Community and Emergency Services Martin Xaba said it was crucial for various departments to start the rehabilitation of damaged infrastructure. 


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Fire Department & Metro Police:
031 361 0000
Water and Traffic Hotline:
080 131 3013
Electricity Contact Centre:
080 13 13 111
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