24 June 2015

For immediate release;

EThekwini Municipality has begun implementing water rationing measures to ensure an equitable supply of water during the current drought.

Water rationing means that water production will be reduced and less water will be supplied.

The water level at Hazelmere Dam, which supplies some parts of the North, is currently at 30 percent and is decreasing at a rate of one percent every four days.

Areas affected by water rationing include Verulam, Waterloo,Sibaya Casino, Ottawa, Ballito, Westbrook, Southridge, Temple Valley, Redcliffe, Canelands, Riyadh, Cornerstone Ridge, Missionlands, Cottonlands, Mount Moreland, La Mercy, Seatides, Westbrook, Oaklands and Parkgate. 

The water supply to the affected areas is isolated on a daily basis for about six hours as the City is being restricted supply from Umgeni Water by 30% with immediate effect. Restriction will progress to 50% in the coming weeks to extend the supply of Hazelmere Dam for as long as possible until the rain comes.

Mayor James Nxumalo has strongly appealed to residents and businesses in the affected areas to cooperate with the Municipality and reduce water consumption. 

“Let’s all play our part in ensuring that we reduce water consumption to save the remaining water in the Hazelmere system. The reality is that we are facing a serious water shortage and the only alternative is for all of us to conserve water”, said Nxumalo.

All due care will be taken to ensure that hospitals, fire stations, clinics and the airport are not negatively affected as we implement measures to reduce water usage.

For the upcoming school holidays, the City urges customers to drastically reduce water consumption.

To save water consumers should:

a) Avoid washing cars. 

b) Avoid filling swimming pools.

c) Avoid filling water in the bath tub, use a shower instead but keep it brief.

d) Avoid watering gardens with a hose pipe. Use a watering-can. 

e) Avoid washing paving and roofs.

f) Report leaks and bursts to 080 13 13 013 or eservices@durban.gov.za as soon as you can.

g) Reduce the unnecessary flushing of toilets.

Water is a precious resource and we all have a responsibility to ensure that we report vandalism of water infrastructure and take ownership of the water supply and abuse in our communities.

Item No.

Reservoir Names

Planned Water Interruption Durations


Area Supplied & Affected


Waterloo Reservoir

(Which includes Katzkop Reservoir)

9h00 to 15h00



Southridge, Riyadh, Waterloo, Hammonds Farm, Parkgate, Ottawa, Sibaya Casino, Temple Valley


Grange Reservoir

(Which Includes Everest Heights & Redcliffe  Reservoirs

21h00 – 05h00                                (By Shift Controller @ Night)



08h00 to 14h00


08h00 to 14h30




Verulam CBD, Redcliffe, Oaklands, Missionlands, Canelands Industrial area


La Mercy Reservoir


12h00 to 18h00



La Mercy, Seatides


Westbrook Reservoir

12h00 to 18h00



Westbrook, Desainagar, Hotels along the beach


Nyaninga Reservoir

Mt Moreland PRV

11h00 to 17h00


11h00 to 17h00



King Shaka Airport, Mount Moreland, Dube Tradeport, Dube AgriZone


Canelands Reservoir

10h30 to 16h30



Connerstone Ridge, Canelands

Thunder Town


Ndwedwe Reservoirs

11h00 to 17h00



Parts of Ndwedwe, Cottonlands, Belvedere high level area.


Lungisisa Indela Village (LIV) ET




LIV School


Avondale Reservoir Outlet

(in Ballito)

Times dependant of Siza Water who operate Avondale Reservoir outlet




Frazers, Greylands & Farmers along the N2 Freeway


Issued by the eThekwini Municipality’s Head of Communications, Tozi Mthethwa.

For more information contact Gugu Mbonambi on 031 311 4855 or email:gugu.mbonambi@durban.gov.za or Princess Nkabane on 031 311 4818 or princess.nkabane@durban.gov.za