The eThekwini Municipality is embarking on a Community Skills Audit as part of a programme to develop its citizens. The Mayor of eThekwini, Cllr. James Nxumalo, is calling on the public to register their skills on the Municipal database.

Community members who have various certified and uncertified skills are invited to register on the data-base at the various Sizakala Centres and Councillors offices, where staff will be available to assist them. Registration will continue until October 2016.   

Community based skills audit will determine the existing and deficient skills in the communities to identify under-utilised human capital which can be re-invested into creating a viable local economy. 

The audit will also pinpoint areas in which training and education are needed so that suitable interventions could be developed and implemented. A ward-based database system will be created and made accessible to potential ward based economic opportunities and/or employers. This will address the perception that local people are not considered when there are opportunities. 

The Municipality would like to emphasise that this process is meant to align the skills of community members with the opportunities that may be available in future. It is important to note that this is not a promise of employment, but a process that will assist the Municipality in understanding the level of skills available in our communities.

A questionnaire will be developed as a tool for data collection. Data collected will thereafter be analysed and uploaded into a ward based database system that will be created. Data will be available and accessible by relevant stakeholders in a local area who will need local skills to align them with opportunities and/or to put in place interventions to address skills gaps. 


The community wide skills & business audit seeks to achieve the following objectives:

  • Enable unemployed youth to document assessment of skills and competencies
  • Have a database in place for existing local skills and gaps for the unemployed and small business
  • Provide platform to exhibit and showcase various skills available locally so that they could be linked with local socio-economic and/or developmental/empowerment opportunities
  • Afford government, private and other sectors opportunity to draw local required skills from pool of available skills 
  • To assist in putting in place relevant interventions for businesses and unemployed youth that will address their needs. 
Community Skills Audit is for residents residing in eThekwini Municipal area only.
For more information please call 031 311 3192​