Great cities of the world are liveable communities of people where government, commerce and culture thrive. Great cities offer a variety of lifestyle and recreation. They find a balance between the natural and the built environment.

Great cities are places where the human spirit can thrive socially, economically and culturally. Durban has the aspirations to be a great city - therefore the Municipality is preparing a plan to develop and regenerate the Inner City to 2040. This website is a portal to engage with the community on this major city planning initiative to ensure that there is consensus on these initiatives.

These initiatives will include the following:
  1. A local area plan for the Inner City.
  2. Detailed plans for three precincts within the Inner City.
  3. A plan for regenerating the Inner City.
The project is being managed through the Development Planning, Environment and Management Unit with input from a multidisciplinary municipal staff and consultant team.

The purpose of this webpage is to broaden information dissemination, and stakeholder engagement and provides you with the opportunity to register as a stakeholder, be kept up to date on the progress of the project and to submit your comments to the team.

If you have an idea, feedback interesting proposal or comments relating to the project please send these to

LAPWarwickPrecinctPlanSept2016OpenDay.pdfeThekwini InnerCity LAP Warwick Precinct Plan Sept 2016