The year 2014 is a significant year, as South Africa celebrates 20 years of freedom. It also marks the beginning of a new era and a prosperous future for eThekwini Municipality. This historic occasion calls on the City to reflect on how our freedom was achieved, the progress we have made during the past 20 years and on how eThekwini will work together with its citizens to continue building a lasting legacy for future generations. This is also a time to reflect on the selflessness of all our struggle heroes who fought the good fight, in whose honour we enjoy a free and democratic South Africa.

Our Vision
By 2030 eThekwini Municipality will enjoy the reputation of being Africa’s most caring and liveable City, where all citizens live in harmony.

Our long term development goals
• Creating a safe city
• Promoting an accessible city
• Creating a prosperous city where all citizens enjoy sustainable livelihoods
• Celebrating our cultural diversity, arts and heritage
• Ensuring an environmentally sustainable city
• Fostering a caring and empowering city

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