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​eThekwini Municipality offers residents the convenience of accessing municipal services online, via our web portal. 

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  • With more than 100 kilometers of coastline, the eThekwini (Durban) region offers beaches for everybody's taste.
    To view/download ward profile information.
    View Ward and Planning information for areas within the municipality..
    View Ward and Planning information for areas within the municipality for the period between 2011 - 2016.
    Access minutes of Council meetings, and view Decision certificates online..
    This solar map model is provides guidance on potential costs for Renewable Energy installations in the eThekwini Municipal Area. It is intended for small (<100KW) installations and does not include the cost of financing or maintenance.
    Register your profile here to receive accounts by email, print copy accounts and view account details for any linked account. N.B. eServices replaces eAccounts
    Supply Chain Operations has developed an online Request for Quotation Application which allows suppliers to view quotes and also view any technical and support documentation attached to the Request for Quote.
    View recent vegetable & fruit market prices issued by the Durban Fresh Produce Market..
    A general valuation is required to be undertaken at least once every 4 years in terms of the Municipal Property Rates Act.
    View Requests for Quotations issued by our Water department..
    Find out about the best local vegetation for your garden..
    Search the NGO Database for civil society organisations rendering vital services within the eThekwini Municipality.
    Drinking Water Quality statistics for eThekwini Waterworks, Boreholes and Distribution system.
    Stay in touch, with eThekwini Municipality media releases and newsletters..
    eThekwini Press Release
    eThekwini Electricity strives to provide a high quality of supply and recognises the effects that any disturbance on the electricity network
    eThekwini residents can download municpal forms online..
    Apply for Scheduled Trade permits, or Trade Effluent permits online..
    View tariff information for services provided within our municipality..
    Send us your queries regarding stormwater issues in your area..
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    In the interest of providing Rate Payers with information as easily and quickly as possible the Council has developed and application to check utilities bill balances.
    The eThekwini Municipality Development and Planning department is pleased to present you with the ability to determine zoning information related to your property.

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Fire Department & Metro Police:
031 361 0000
Water and Traffic Hotline:
080 131 3013
Electricity Contact Centre:
080 13 13 111
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