Revenue Customer Forms

Agent-Proxy Form.pdf
Application for deferment of rates.pdf
Application for rebate senior citizens, disability grantees and medically boarded.pdf
Application for Rebate. Senior Citizen, Disability Grantee, Medically Boarded Person.pdf
Application for Rebates  for Bed and Breakfast, Guesthouses and Holiday Acc.pdf
Application for Rebates LFS RC.pdf
Application for Rebates Student Accommodation Final.pdf
Application Form  Refund .pdf
COVID19 Disaster relief rebate application form.pdf
Credit Control and Debt Collection Policy 2018-19 Final.pdf
Delegation of Powers - Credit Authority.pdf
DISPUTE COMPLAINTS APPEALS  Initiation Form  Revenue Unit.pdf
EThekwini Municipality  Rates Policy 2018-19  Final.pdf
EThekwini Municipality 2018 Levying of Rates.pdf
Indigent application form V1 2020 - 2021.pdf
Information update  Form_Deceased_liquid_Insol_Bis.Rescue_Divorce.pdf
Name  Change Form_Juristic Person Inc Trusts.pdf
Name Change Form_ Natural Person.pdf
Rebate Renewal Form 2018 2019.PDF
Rebate Renewal Form 2020-2021.pdf
Resolution for Business Customers.pdf
S14 Notice 2018 - 2019.pdf
Substitution of Ownership Form_Social Housing.pdf