The Mayor of eThekwini, Councillor James Nxumalo, calls upon all citizens and businesses to join us in our quest to make Durban the cleanest, most caring and liveable city in Africa by the year 2030. We are ready and committed and it all begins now.

As our country celebrates 20 years of freedom, let us unite to create an environment for ourselves and our children, which is clean and well-maintained. Let us support one another in addressing the social challenges of drugs, crime and homelessness in our city. Become and active contributor in your city’s economic growth and participate in the “Clean My City” programme… Say No to litter…No to pollution and No to the infringement of by-laws.

On 7 March 2014, the Mayor launched the “Clean My Space” hour and encouraged you to gather friends, family or colleagues to participate in a clean-up of your immediate living or working environment for one hour. This challenge has been extended beyond 7 March. Citizens and businesses of eThekwini are invited to continue with the “Clean My Space” challenge. Take a “before’’ and ‘’after’’ photo and submit this to us with a brief note on how this clean-up will improve you environment, via Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or email.

Remember, your space could include your immediate living or work space, a verge down the street, a public park or the like. If your submission impresses our “Clean-up Patrol” you may just receive a PERSONAL VISIT from the eThekwini Mayor or one of our participating local celebrities who will drop by your home of workplace to congratulate you personally!
It’s Your City. It Starts With You... Let’s Pick It Up