eThekwini’s 2030 vision not only calls for tangible service delivery by city management but more importantly, it demands a result which resonates in the hearts and minds of people, the people of Durban. Our city can only be the most caring and liveable city in Africa if our citizens laude it as such. It is no wonder then that the “Clean My City” campaign has, at the very heart of it, the PEOPLE OF ETHEKWINI.

This campaign celebrates the diversity of the people of eThekwini. Our people are diverse in culture, language, religion and economic and social backgrounds but even in our diversity, we are united behind our common aspirations for our city. We share a common hope for a city with clean air... clean streets and pleasant living conditions. A city where the laws are upheld and the social challenges of drugs, homelessness and unemployment are managed. We are united in our desire to live and work in that cares about our well-being, our children and the generations to come.

The Clean My City campaign reflects the warmth of the ordinary people of eThekwini who are depicted with respect and dignity and celebrates them as the heroes who are instrumental in bringing the city’s vision to life.