Durban is renowned as a leading economic powerhouse in Africa, a ‘must-visit’ tourist destination and Africa’s leading conferencing destination. EThekwini has embarked on an exciting mission to ensure that the citizens of Durban also enjoy the cleanest city and have a vision of being recognised as the most caring and liveable city in Africa by the year 2030. Through the new “Clean My City” campaign, eThekwini is calling on all residents and businesses to join them in realizing this vision, which cannot be achieved without meaningful collaboration with all citizens. 
Through the “Clean My City” campaign, eThekwini Municipality aims to work with you, our citizens, in creating a city of which we can all be proud. A city with clean air and clean streets.... a city where land is used lawfully and waste is sustainably managed... a city where the social challenges of drugs, crime and homelessness are all under control.
We invite you to follow the “Clean My City” campaign on our website, on FACEBOOK, Twitter and You Tube to find out more about how YOU can get involved.
It’s Your City, It Starts With You. Lets Pick It Up!