eThekwini Municipality has good reason to be proud of its achievements. Every year a considerable number of Municipal units 
and organisations operating in the eThekwini area are recognised as thought leaders and win awards for their good practices in working towards achieving the Millennium Development Goals. This admirable publication documenting innovations in urban sustainability is an example of our commitment to think globally and act locally. It records just some of the excellent work being done by Municipal units and organisations in the eThekwini area and will be distributed internationally through our growing number of partners in knowledge.

Leave your unwanted items with us 

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EThekwini Municipality is calling all residents to donate their unwanted clothes, shoes, books and toys to a worthy organisation at the Sustainable Living Exhibition. The items that will be collected from the exhibition will be donated to worthy charities already identified at the end of each day. Thousands of people live in poverty right on our doorstep, and donating your old clothes and shoes will go a long way in providing relief to the needy. Books have always managed to enthral children for hours with story time being the favourite pass time of children over the centuries. Books are also being collected to give children the opportunity to be whisked away into their imaginations, bringing them joy and educating them too. The act of donating to charities fits right in with living sustainably as it is also about recycling unwanted items. The Exhibition allows us to reach out to those who are less fortunate and contributes to our vision creating a caring and liveable city.

Indigenous Plants in time for Spring
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​Come get your indigenous plants in time for spring at the Sustainable Living Exhibition and Botsoc Plant to fair taking place at the Durban Exhibition Centre this weekend.  The marriage between the plant fair and the Sustainable Living Exhibition over the past three years has added real value to visitors and made the event a premier greening showcase. This popular indigenous plant extravaganza showcases the widest variety of indigenous plants available in KwaZulu-Natal.  With many of the country’s best known plant and wildlife experts on duty at the fair, it is a wonderful opportunity for both beginner and experienced gardeners to learn more about indigenous plants and the wildlife they support in the garden.  There will be several plant displays, many interesting speakers throughout the weekend and a double dose of exhibitors will ensure that this fabulous, combined event is one not to be missed.


How can you be water-wise? Follow our simple tips here! 


  • Turn-off the tap while brushing teeth, shaving or soaping hands.
  • Take shorter showers and use less water if you have to bath.
  • Avoid buying bottled water.
  • Sweep outside areas instead of hosing with water.
  • Use eco-friendly soaps and cleaning products.
  • Fix leaks at home and report public water leaks to your municipality.
  • Always use a plugged-sink or bowl instead of a running tap.
  • Insulate hot water pipes to reduce time waiting for water to heat up.
  • Install flow-reducing valves on your taps.
  • Install water-saving devices on taps, toilets, showers and sprinklers.
  • Install a water meter and monitor your water use.
  • Install an instant water heater at your taps for immediate hot water.