The service of emptying conservancy and septic tanks is offered at a prescribed tariff. The cost of the service can be charged to the water account but application for new accounts will have to be made at our Head Office at 3 Prior Road or at any one of our own Customer Service Centres.

Existing account customers can telephonically request the service at our toll-free number, 0801313013.  Alternatively, payment may be made up front at one of the locations listed at the back of the statement of the water account, quoting your bill account number as reference. 
The owner is responsible for exposing the tank/manhole in advance, and at least three days lead time is required.

In the event of the customer securing a private service provider to empty his/her septic and conservancy tanks, the private service provider must be in possession of a valid permit to discharge at one of the facilities provided by the Municipality.  Private service providers without a valid permit will not be allowed to discharge at any of the Municipal facilities.