Sewage and trade effluent which is delivered by road haulage is that from private contractors who do conservancy tank (or septic tank) cleaning, and contractors who remove waste from Industrial factories and the like. This service ensures that all waste is disposed of with the least impact on the environment and in compliance with the Bylaws.

A company wishing to make application should contact the nearest Area Office in which they wish to operate. For example, Pinetown will be the North West office 031 3118077, or South Basin the South Central office 031 311 5998. Thereafter a Pollution Officer will visit the company and the application forms necessary to allow the company to undertake the service will be completed.

eThekwini Municipality has been discharging sewage and selected industrial wastes through two deep-sea submarine outfalls since about 1970. To ensure that the environmental integrity of the region is not compromised, a stringent and comprehensive monitoring programme has been applied. The work encompasses a suite of microbiological, chemical and ecological measurements that focus on assessing the state of the environment in the vicinities of the two outfall and along adjacent beaches. Additional information is gained through the analysis of effluents and comparative toxicity testing.