ServiceLevelStandards2020_2021English.pdfService Level Standards 2020 / 2021 (English)

ServiceLevelStandardsIsiZulu2020_2021.pdfService Level Standards 2020 / 2021 (IsiZulu) 

There are various initiatives which have been started by eThekwini Water and Sanitation Unit, aiming at leveraging interest and involving community members in our accountability and decision-making processes with a view to ensuring that the voice of our citizens is empowered and people are able to influence our service delivery levels and activities.

Amongst some of the initiatives has been the establishment of Focus Groups which aim at ensuring that there is an ongoing dialogue and interaction with our communities, guaranteeing that there is better understanding of our customers, soliciting feedback with a view to changing behaviour both internally and externally in terms of roles and responsibilities.
The eThekwini Water and Sanitation Unit has effectively used the various media ranging from print to electronic with the purpose of providing eThekwini citizens with information to enable easy access to our water and sanitation services.
There is another initiative, the Citizen Report Cards, which we will be facilitating in due course with a view to identifying gaps in service delivery and also creating consciousness on the side of the members of the public so that we can improve continuously our measures of trust, overall satisfaction, transparency, accountability, environmental health, efficiency and effectiveness.
We intend ensuring that ultimately our measure of success with regards to the above initiatives shall be determined by the extent to which our customers and members of the public are fully able to influence our decision-making processes.
It is within the context of the above cumulative efforts that one submits to all colleagues who have access to Groupwise these Service Level Standards for EWS as the commitment that we make to the members of the public with respect to matching the achievability and measurability of our performance standards.
One will appreciate immensely if these Standards are also cascaded to those colleagues who are not on Groupwise. We will soon initiate a mass campaign of making these standards known to the citizens of eThekwini Municipality.
Thank you