In terms of the Water Services Act, Act 108 of 1997, clause 12 (1) every water services authority must prepare and submit both a draft water services development plan and a summary of that plan.

The Act requires that the water services authority must take "reasonable steps" to bring thedraft water services development plan to the notice of consumers and invite public comment.
In addition a copy of the draft water services development plan (WSDP) is to be sent to the
Minister of Water Affairs and the KZN Provincial Minister. The above requirements were
completed over the period November / December 2011.

No comments were received and this was reported to the eThekwini Council via the report WS 2012/005 dated 2012-01-09 which is now included as Appendix 8. The recommendation of this report was adopted by Council at its meeting held on 2012-03-23.