The guidelines numbered 1 to 14 below were drawn up by the Metropolitan Wastewater Management Department which formed part of the erstwhile Water Services Service Unit.

The restructured unit, now called Water and Sanitation, has jurisdiction over the expanded area which incorporates the previous metropolitan area and additional adjoining peri-urban and rural areas.

The guidelines below are in the process of being updated to reflect, inter alia, the corrected designations. Nevertheless the intent of the existing guidelines will generally remain unchanged and therefore are to be adhered to until the revised guidelines are published.

All the policies and guidelines listed below are in PDF format unless otherwise indicated.


Water Policy Summary (110 kb)

Guidelines for Developers in Respect of Provision of Sewer Connections to Sub-Divisions in the Durban Metropolitan Area (199 kb)

Policy Guidelines on Water Supply and Sanitation Provision to Communities(64 kb)

Monitoring and Control of Sewage Disposal and Treatment (35 kb)

Re-Use of Treated Effluent From Sewage Treatment Works (40 kb)

Treatment and Disposal of Sludge at Wastewater Treatment Works (38 kb)

Guidelines for the Design and Approval of On-Site (Sub Surface) Disposal of Domestic Sewage.​ (474 kb)

Guidelines for Processing of Sub-Divisional Approval for Wastewater Disposal (428 kb)

Guidelines for the Submission of Alternative On-Site Waterborne Sanitation Systems (131 kb)

Policy for the Use of Structured Wall uPVC Pipes in the Durban Metropolitan Area (140 kb)

Guidelines Regarding Application for Road Tanker Discharge to Sea Outfall at the Southern Wastewater Treatment Works (51 kb)

Guidelines for Building Plans Approval in Respect of Trade Effluent Control and Water Pollution Prevention in order to Comply with the Durban Metro Sewage Disposal Bylaws of February 1999. (1 180 kb)

Guidelines for Privately Owned "Package" Sewage Treatment Plants or other "On-Site" Systems for the Treatment of Domestic Sewage in the Durban Metropolitan Unicity Area where the Treated Wastewater is to be Discharge Directly to a Natural Surface Water Course or Through Surface Irrigation (157 kb)

Guidelines for the Management of Metal Finishing Industry Effluent Developed by the Durban Chamber of Commerce Bylaws Working Group (96 kb)

Guidelines for the Design and Construction of Toilets where the Basic Level of Services is Appropriate (745 kb)