Ethekwini Water Services is committed to enhancing its customers and school children’s knowledge about water and sanitation through a structured and sustainable education programme.

Besides visibility in national conservation efforts such as National Water Conservation Program and National Water Week, eThekwini Water Services is also deeply involved in a wide range of educational programmes which focus on promoting water conservation, water demand management, sanitation and health and hygiene awareness among learners and adult members of the community.  These programmes take the form of trained consumer service agents visiting consumers that are in arrears to assist them with different payment options and levels of service that are suitable to meet their needs, organize site visits, visits to schools, TV, radio,  printed media and advertising.
On education and training to mould learners into being responsible water uses with good sanitation habits, our education team offers a service supporting the water and sanitation message to schools, ranging from intermediary to tertiary institutions.  The initiative supports the philosophy of outcomes based education and includes the 2020 Vision for Water School Project, hands on workshops, a mobile education unit, community theatre and tours of the water/wastewater treatment works.  The following educational programs are available for senior primary and high school level and includes various materials/resources for both rural and urban schools:-