​Under this scheme, only individually metered domestic water customers may insure themselves against part of the additional water charges as a result of an undetected underground leak on their property.

The nominal monthly premium, which is raised on the consolidated bill and forwarded to a private insurance company, covers part of the cost of additional water used as a result of the leak.

If a customer who has subscribed to the water loss insurance scheme discovers an underground leak and wishes to submit a claim, the following procedure is to be adopted:

  • Contact a plumber as soon as possible to find and repair the leak. Although not essential, it is preferable to contact a plumber who is registered with the Council. Confirmation can be obtained by phoning the Toll Free Help line on 080 13 13 013 and ask to be put through to the Water Inspectorate Division or click here. If a non-registered plumber is engaged, or the leak is owner repaired, an excess of R50 will apply and will be deducted from the compensation due to the consumer.
  • The cost of repair is borne by the customer and is not covered by the insurer. 
  • Obtain the required claim form either online, click here or by requesting one from any of the Water offices.
  • The claim form submitted must be completed in full, bear an original signature and be accompanied by a detailed plumbers invoice - scanned or faxed copies must be followed by the original signed document.
  • It is important to note that customers are given 60 days from the date of repair of the leak to submit a claim. Failure to do so will result in the claim being rejected.

If the insurance company is satisfied that the leak was underground and was repaired correctly then it will pay the customer's excess water charges for up to two metering periods. The full account is to be paid by the customer. Any compensation due from the insurers will be paid directly to the Municipality who will credit the customer's water account.

A copy of the policy may be obtained from one of the Water offices or by phoning either the Toll Free Help line on 080 13 13 013.

Important: Domestic customers are urged to check whether or not they are covered by the scheme, and to ensure that they understand the terms and conditions of the policy. Information may be obtained by phoning the Toll Free Help line on 080 13 13 013