Is the Durban Metro Police Service (DMPS) part of the South African Police Service? 
No. The Durban Metro Police Service is a department of the eThekwini Municipality. The Council has had its own police services for more than a hundred years, and until recently was the only city to have one. The SAPS and the DMPS often work together in the fight against crime.
How do I identify the Durban Metro Police? 
The Metro Police are easily identified. They have a distinctive blue uniform with a blue and white checkered band on their hats. Their vehicles are also clearly marked with the same blue and white checkered band on the sides.
Do all DMPS officers wear uniforms? 
No. There is also a plain clothes unit and some police drive unmarked cars. Their work is mainly crime prevention or any other special projects that may require the wearing of plain clothes.
What work do the Durban metro Police do? 
The Metro Police Officers do all the usual work that you would expect from a police service. They enforce the bylaws and attend to any criminal or traffic offence. The DMPS do not have police cells to lock up suspects. Once an arrest is made, the suspect is handed over to the SAPS for following up investigation.
How quickly will the Metro Police respond to a call? 
The DMPS have stations in different parts of the Metro Area, and are constantly patrolling the area in a number of ways. There is a bicycle section, a horse unit, motorcycles and a wide variety of other vehicles.

Landrover patrols are used in outlining areas and in the townships. Metro policemen can also be seen patrolling the streets on foot. The dog unit has animals trained to help their handlers track and apprehend criminals. The DMPS also have dogs that are trained to sniff out various drugs. The dogs and their handlers go on refresher courses every three months.
What sort of training do the new recruits go on? 
New recruits undergo intensive training over a period of ten months to ensure that they are well versed with the city’s bylaws, traffic regulations, and crime prevention legislation. Correct use of firearms and self-defence is impressed upon, and so are the correct procedures for a variety of situations. When new recruits first go out on duty, they work with an experienced officer for a period of time in order to learn the finer aspects of the job. Metro Police officers undergo ongoing training to remain well informed of changes in legislation, new methods of crime prevention, etc.
Besides laws enforcement, what other work do the DMPS do? 
The DMPS direct traffic in an event of an accident, breakdown, and spillage or when lights are out of order.

They also enforce bylaws, for example, checking for illegal traders and over loaded vehicles. They enforce public transport legislation and assist with vehicle testing.
Is it true that there are anti-crime cameras in certain places in the city? 
Yes. There are several cameras positioned in different parts of the city that are monitored by the police officers in the communication centre. If any crime or disturbance is seen, a patrol is sent to deal with it. Video footage taken by the cameras can also be used as evidence in court.
Will the police help our community fight crime? 
Yes. The DMPS as only too happy to send an officer to address community policing forums and neighbourhood watches to offer advice and assist in the fight against crime. They encourage a joint effort between the DMPS, SAPS and citizens.

The DMPS also visit schools to advise children on dangers, road safety and how to deal with strangers.
Where can traffic fines be paid? 
Traffic fines are payable at Durban Metro Police Services headquarters in Old Fort Place, and at other branch offices around the metropolitan area. Fines can also be paid at Metro Billing offices.
If I see someone committing a crime, can I call Metro Police? 
Yes, the Durban Metro Police will answer any call from the public. All calls are received at the communication centre and they will send a patrol to assist. They are your services 24 hours a day.
Does  Durban Metro Police issue Disabled Parking Permits? 
Yes, The Metro Police Public relations Office – 031-311-2824 is the office that can assist you regarding the Disable Parking Permits and also the Quadraplegic Association KZN issues these permits.
How do I contact the DMPS? 
See Contact Us page